Limited live recordings Dublin Sept 2017 available for pre order

Discussion in 'News about David Gray' started by Rena, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. chris johnson

    chris johnson Member Grayhead

    CD case, are you asking about the newest best of David Gray double album? (Not the six CD bundle). If so I can post the names of the tracks. Let me know.
  2. cdcase

    cdcase Active Grayhead

    Yes, I am looking for the track listing for the best of due out in December.

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  3. cdcase

    cdcase Active Grayhead

    Anyone know when the Best of ships?

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  4. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    No, I'm sorry! Did you ask the support? They've answered my question late, but they answered :)
  5. cdcase

    cdcase Active Grayhead

    I sent them an email. I am guessing not before Christmas.

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  6. Bec1

    Bec1 New Grayhead

    I only saw release date of December 2017. I expect January in USA.

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  7. DogearedCarrie

    DogearedCarrie Member Grayhead

    I received an email with a link to unmastered downloads, and an update that the mastered downloads will come in January and the vinyl will ship in March. *sigh*

    On a side note, I had ordered a Beastie Boys vinyl package for a Christmas gift, and that is also now delayed. I've never used Pledge Music before. Are delays like this standard for them?
  8. cdcase

    cdcase Active Grayhead

    I have used them several times. Sometimes on time. Vinyl is usually late. :(. I have one pledge order that is 2 years past due. Artist/label keep pushing back.

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  9. Main

    Main Active Grayhead

    Finally ordered the 2CD best of. Got an unmastered download instantly and LOVED listening to that today, while taking down the Christmas decorations. :D
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