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  1. Foundling In The Reeds
    Foundling In The Reeds
    Can't wait to hear the new album. The songs we've heard so far (in my opinion) are some of his best!
  2. Tanya Desrochers
    Tanya Desrochers Rena
    Hi there,
    I'm still not familiar with this forum...

    I am wondering if I can publish this here. I have 2 tickets for the Toronto show in June that I cannot use.

    If someone is interested, I'll be attending and can sell the tickets same price I paid less taxes.

    Since I don't know how I can read the replies, please email me directly..
  3. Helene777
    Helene777 Rena
    Hi Rena. I bought tickets for the NYC show next June. Ended up with three extra tickets (single seats, long story). Is it ok to post on this sight to sell them?
  4. Raymond
    Raymond Mark
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    2. Mark
      That's amazing thank you so much.
      Mar 10, 2017
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  5. Marky
    White Ladder for Record Store Day 2017 on White Vinyl would be excellent
  6. Crazy Canadian
    Crazy Canadian
    "and ain't it obvious ...."
  7. Crazy Canadian
    Crazy Canadian
    "And everything I held so dear disappeared without a trace..."
  8. Crazy Canadian
    Crazy Canadian
    "Please forgive me for I know not what I do..."
  9. Birdie
    Birdie John
    Hallo John, lange nichts voneinander gehört!?!
    Weshalb ich dir schreibe : mir ist aufgefallen, dass diese Martin Gitarre nicht mehr auf Ebay angeboten wird. Hast du am Ende doch nicht widerstehen können, oder ist sie an einen unbekannten Käufer gegangen?
    Würde mich echt freuen, wenn wir uns im Laufe des Jahres mal wiedersehen würden. ..

    Liebe Grüße

  10. Crazy Canadian
    Crazy Canadian
    "Have yourself a merry little Christmas..."
  11. Crazy Canadian
    Crazy Canadian
    "And the mystery of love It just keeps growing The more my heart reveals"
  12. Crazy Canadian
    Crazy Canadian
    "A Moment Changes Everything".....
  13. Crazy Canadian
    Crazy Canadian
    "A New Day at Midnight"....
  14. Crazy Canadian
    Crazy Canadian
    "The summer sky is blushing pink The heart is running out of sync Could this just be the day, I think When anything is possible"
  15. Crazy Canadian
    Crazy Canadian
    "Something in your eyes that makes me smile..."
  16. Crazy Canadian
    Crazy Canadian
    "You're in my mind baby Now and always ...."
  17. Overdog
    I'm no more the underdog. I'm the overdog.
  18. bfeekes
    bfeekes SoCalFan
    Hey SoCalFan if you can send me your PayPal address I can prepay you for the poster and maybe you could send me shipping charges after the fact? My name is Ben Feekes by the way and I've seen David 8 times total I think. I love his live shows you are so lucky that you are seeing this tour! I want to just tell you how much I appreciate you doing this for me! Let me know on the address I can send payment on Friday.
  19. wordsmith1313
    Longtime David Gray fan, but just found this forum. Hi, all!
  20. Murphy243