07/28/03 - Milwaukee, WI

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    I have saved one of my old postings from the old DG.com board, so this where I am grabbing the setlist, as best I recalled it the night of. I don't see any other records of this show anywhere online, so I felt like this needed to be put up, as this concert will always be one of the best shows I have ever seen of any artist. Live at the Summerfest Grounds (first year of the then-new North Stage), but not when Summerfest was going on... kind of a surreal feeling being in the grounds with so much emptiness. Before the show, David and the boys were playing soccer off to the side of the stage and enjoying a beautiful, sunny day outside, next to the shores of Lake Michigan. The stage was facing out towards the lake while the sun was setting over it, which just helped that surreal feeling. One direction, DG and the band. Look the other way and watch a gorgeous sunset over Lake Michigan.

    Here is the setlist, though, again, this may not be in correct order:

    Dead in the Water
    Real Love
    My Oh My
    Silver Lining
    White Ladder
    Be Mine
    All the Love
    Gathering Dust
    Long Distance Call
    Late Night Radio >
    Faster, Sooner, Now
    Hold On to Nothing
    Sail Away
    Other Side

    This Year's Love
    Please Forgive Me

    Obviously, Gathering Dust stands out right away.... Late Night Radio into Faster, Sooner, Now was fun, due to DG and Clune originally seeming like they were only going to do Late Night Radio, then DG gave the biggest nod and smile over to Clune for his big drum segue-way into Faster, Sooner, Now (though a few seconds late and not as seamless as usual, due to it being unexpected). Plus, this is the first time I had ever heard DG's amazing outro for Nightblindness... right as the sun was setting over the lake and it was becoming dusk. One of those moments in my life that I will never forget. And, of course, a special mention of Baltimore, only to be followed by Freedom. AND Hold onto Nothing! I love these solemn songs from Sell, Sell, Sell, so I was ecstatic to hear this.

    All this from within a spitting distance away from Mr. Gray. Obviously, David was having a good night and in quite the mood. Maybe it was the soccer beforehand :) I have a thousand other small memories that still last from that night, over ten years ago now, but thought you all might appreciate this write-up. I enjoy reliving it whenever I can and I don't know of a better place I can do this with!

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    Nice, Jon. I was at that show, too, and reading your memories of the show took me right back there. I remember them playing soccer, too, and then David and Tim (and maybe others, too, but them for sure) signing autographs and such for some of the people waiting to get into the venue. That venue was cool because it was general admission which meant getting to stand and getting a great spot at the stage by getting there early. One thing I vividly remember about that night was the intense energy of both the audience and the band. It was electric. The standout songs for me, not just that night, but that whole tour were Freedom, All The Love, Nightblindness and Baltimore. Anyway, thanks for transporting me back to that night in Milwaukee. :)
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    What a fantastic description. I lived in Wausau at that time and didn't even really know who he was. Could have made that concert so easily. Now I know what I really missed!!!:(
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    Wow... that's fantastic that you were at this show too, wolfie! It really was an intense energy that night all around. And I loved it being general admission... I don't always love it, as GA can be easily ruined by the crowd (ie. House of Blues Chicago in 2012), but everyone there seemed to have embraced it, including the band. Glad to have someone else to share this memory!
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