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Discussion in '2014 February UK' started by Rena, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Sadheart

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    :oops::eek:Thank you Helen I'm sure we will. I will let you know how good it is!
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    Hey everyone, I hope you are all well in this wonderful new era for the David Gray forum. I've been lurking since the move to the new forums, following everything going on with DG. 1st post here!

    I made a trip(with my parents) to Wexford before Christmas to see DG and the band at the Opera House, which was an utterly astounding, beautiful, awesome experience. Not only awesome to see Ireland for the very first time but to see DG in that theatre was a great great great show - loved the new band(have to say I didn't miss Neil) setup, the new songs were all incredible(especially 'Gulls'). And to agree with Teemto, 'My Oh My' absolutely blew me away at that show, glad to hear a similar reaction from others.

    Anyway I've gone way off topic I am going to the show tonight and cannot wait to hear the new songs (and more) again. Hope to see some of you there!!
  3. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    Hi there! Hope to see you tonight! Last time we met was in London at the Royal Festival Hall, London in 2011!

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  4. davidcotyalex

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    i meant it is a repeat so surprised he came out a little stale.............he still seems less than thrilled on the entire transport issue so maybe just that
  5. Eileen

    Eileen Member Grayhead

    Thanks for the great review.
    My excitement is building, hate to know that Neill is missing.
  6. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    This was unreal. I am overwhelmed. So well worth going despite there was no way I could stay away from the office this week.

    The new arrangements blew me away. Skellig and Nemesis were out of this world. What have they done to My Oh My!!!! Wow!!!

    I will write more tomorrow, just the setlist :

    Dun Laoghaire
    Ain't No Love
    Gathering Dust!!!!!
    The One I Love
    This Year's Love
    My Oh My
    Sail Away
    Laughing Gas

    What a great night. More tomorrow!
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  7. Ted K

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    Have to admit I share your feelings about Gathering Dust...something was missing. I was at the Kilkenny and Wexford show and loved that he played them. But I saw him play it in Boston in 2011 and it was really out of this world... here's the clip to it if you've never seen it.
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  8. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead


    Wonderful concert ! Gulls, Skellig Laughing Gas, My Oh My and Nemesis were my favorites this evening! It was great to meet Elysium, Wolfie, Sharon and Lauren !Sorry but I'm too tired to write more...[​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. Tinab

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    I'm so happy to sit here and read all of these messages. It's my relaxing moment after I just get home from an 11 hour day. Sharon has kept me somewhat posted today and seeing these pics and reading the reviews leaves me with a wonderful feeling. Can't wait for the videos to come rolling in. Hope everyone going home has had safe travels. Must love!!!:headphone:
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  10. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    Here a review of the first concert:


    Info: First gig of the year for me and my 232nd overall (but who’s counting). Having been to my fair share of gigs it is always nice to go to a different venue. Tonight was a bonus as it certainly wasn’t your typical setting for a gig. The Grade II listed Emmanuel Centre doesn’t look much from the outside but once inside you could tell it was a special place. Having said that the seats (pews?) were hard, the seat numbers may as well have been non-existent and we were sat right at the back. Despite all that there were two things that made it great. Helpful staff (although some looked as confused as me with the seat numbers) and the excellent sound. In fact I don’t remember hearing a better sound at another concert of its type. Whether due to our location in the theatre or, as is more likely, the acoustics of the venue, it really was quality.

    Of course the sound can be as good as you want but if the musicians on stage are no good then it is wasted. No danger of that with David Gray. He is an artist that gets better with age and in recent times has been on a creative high. He is backed by a large band including support act Lisa O’Neill who, although seemingly mad as a hatter, has a bubbly personality and unique voice. Let’s not forget old stalwart (sorry) Robbie Malone complete with double bass.
    This is the first London gig for David in a number of years and as he has joked himself he somehow managed to coincide it with the Tube strike. Coupled with the horrible weather some could be forgiven for not making it yet as far as I could see there were few, if any, empty seats. These gigs were going to be a bit different though. These, as well as the pre-Christmas Irish run of shows, are all about trying out new songs and playing a few that haven’t been heard for a while. No one really wanted to miss this it seems...

    It is some 22 years since David’s debut single Birds Without Wings was released. 22 years. It doesn't seem possible. Although that particular song doesn’t get an airing here other early songs Shine and Gathering Dust do and both are sung with gusto. There are other stand outs for me though with From Here You Can Almost See The Sea and Ain’t No Love being particular good. Yet it is the new songs that surprise tonight. Not that I didn’t expect one or two to be good but all sounded excellent. Maybe it was the setting as their sound certainly seemed perfect for the Centre. Favourites for me were I Want All My Cake and Eat It (snappy title) and Dancing With Both Feet On The Ground (another snappy title) but all are genuinely good and although it may be quite likely that the crowd was a little biased, all the new songs are well received.

    Confession: As much as I love the White Ladder album I was never that keen on My Oh My.

    Calm down Gray fans I had to say it. However I can now say that I love that song. The version played here was a joyful rendition, unrecognisable from the norm. Nemesis, is as usual, a stunning song live…a song which you (and probably David) are never quite sure when it is going to end. For an encore he starts with Babylon which tonight includes a few Mr Gray gaffs. I think he has had his issues with that song over the years but for this performance he laughed his way through it and it was possibly the better for it. Last up was Sail Away which sent us home happy...he didn't play any more as he didn't want us to miss our last tube home...yes very funny David.

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  11. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Hi friends, I have got a lot to say about last night's gig but am almost knocked out by another migraine so I need to ask you for a little patience. Thank you!
  12. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    sorry rena feel better! I know you guys had a blast so looking forward to your review all in due time!!

    lisa...........mad as a hatter lmfao!
  13. Elysium

    Elysium Active Grayhead

    Great review Teemto, know exactly where you are coming from with Dancing with both feet off the ground.:)
  14. Elysium

    Elysium Active Grayhead

    Well what an amazing gig, I was totally blown away with the new songs, especially Gulls and Skellig.
    Felt blessed to hear Gathering Dust and Shine again and Nemesis was just out of this world, the highlight of the gig for me.
    Hung onto every word of the stunning laughing gas, thinking this may be the first and last time I will hear this live.
    It was great to meet with other Grayheads, lovely to see Rena and Nevermind, two special friends, great to finally meet with wolfie, would have been great to spend more time with you guys, hopefully next time, the time just passed way to quick as always time flies when you're having fun. It all seems like it was just a dream now............I always feel like this......Coming down.
    A special thankyou To Sharon for the lift down to London and a big thankyou to Lauren's dad Steven for doing all the driving.
    It was a pleasure to travel with you guys to the gig and especially to witness Lauren's excitement.
    I got Lauren a setlist after the gig from the right hand corner of the stage and strangely it was from the Ennis gig.
    Chatting to David Kitt after the show, asked him if he had supported David before and he had in 2005/2006, I knew I remembered him.
    So looking forward to this new album and UK tour and seeing you all again.
    To everyone at tonight's show........enjoy.
  15. Sadheart

    Sadheart New Grayhead

    :singing::singing:My oh my what a show! Last night (Thursday) was great. Not seen Mr Gray since the Southbank and it just reaffirmed what a truly great artist he is. The music, the words of a poet and the distinctive voice. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening, great seats on Row B too! Can't wait for the album and tour now!
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  16. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    Another nice review of the first concert emerged! My thoughts exactly! Thank you Nick Roberts!


    Published On February 8, 2014 | By Nick Roberts | Live, Music

    If you’ve hear of David Gray then you no doubt think you know what to expect from his gigs, your mind filling with his hits such as Babylon, Please Forgive Me and Sail Away. This is miles away from the true beauty that David manages to create at his concerts – his old songs nowhere near matching the quality of sound that he now achieves and his old songs being revamped to have new life and an increasingly great sound.

    Gray played at the Emmanuel Centre, only a short way off from the buzz of Victoria Station. This was the perfect venue for the near religious beauty of David’s music – which was complemented by lighting that made the religious words on the ceiling and walls glow in a stunning gold that made the concert have a both aural and visual beauty. The use of this old Evangelical Church suited the feeling of the gig perfectly, the auditorium fitting in many people but somehow keeping the feeling that this gig was personal, almost played solely for you.
    David Gray and his six band members – each of them singing harmonies – created a sound that was full and near tear inducing at times. The set not only held the classics that the audience could sing along with, songs such as Sail Away and Babylon getting the whole audience going, but also featured songs from Gray’s most recent album – the quality of these songs striking the audience into an awe filled silence that was only broken to clap and cheer. These incredible sounds couldn’t of course, be achieved without Gray’s band who changed instruments almost every song and displayed great musicianship that complemented David’s already great singing. His quality was proven when the band left for a short while near the end of the set – giving David sole focus on the stage to show what he could do alone. He played a few minimalistic songs, starting alone, the band gradually returning starting with the bassist – who David played a beautiful duet with.

    As the night went on Gray played increasingly beautiful music with his ever present Irish influences mixed in, songs such Skellig and Dun Laoghaire stunning the audience with their beauty.
    One of the highlights of the evening came during his performance of Babylon. During this (despite David presumably play the song a fair few times) he got half way through the first verse before forgetting the lyrics – being met with many laughs from the audience.
    At the end of the night, once Gray had finished his main set, he came back to play two of his classics: Babylon and Sail Away, making the audience sing along before leaving the venue buzzing from the positive energy that had filled the room.

    Set List:

    1. Gulls
    2. The Incredible
    3. Skellig
    4. Dun Laoghaire
    5. I Want All My Cake and Eat It
    6. Katleen
    7. From Here You Can Almost See the Sea
    8. Ain’t No Love
    9. Gathering Dust
    10. Shine
    11. Flame Turns Blue
    12. The One I Love
    13. This Year’s Love
    14. Dancing With Both Feet Off The Ground
    15. My Oh My
    16. Laughing Gas
    17. NemesisEncore:
    18. Babylon
    19. Sail Away
    - See more at: http://renownedforsound.com/index.p...manuel-centre-london-uk/#sthash.B4yEpXCN.dpuf
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  17. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Set List for London #3 - 7th February, 2014:

    Dun Laoghaire
    The Incredible
    From Here You Can Almost See the Sea
    Ain't No Love
    Gathering Dust
    Flame Turns Blue
    Please Forgive Me (!!) (slowed down version w/ David, Caroline and Robbie)
    This Year's Love
    Dancing With Both Feet Off the Ground
    My Oh My
    Laughing Gas


    Sail Away
  18. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    I have some photos from Friday night to share but I don't think they are appearing correctly when I try to post them and it's very late so I will try again tomorrow (or next day). Sorry!
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  19. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    We are waiting patiently, Wolfie!

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  20. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    Found this good review of the first evening :

    Live Music : David Gray – Emmanuel Centre, London (5th Feb 2014)

    London’s Emmanuel Centre (located in the heart of Westminster) last night hosted a concert of such quality that i’m still in awe of what i witnessed this morning. With all due respect to David Gray I was not expecting a performance that would now rank among the best i’ve seen in my journalistic career. This 2 hour set, of 20+ songs, was a triumph from start to finish...

    More here:

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