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    Just a quick note. I won't be doing any reviews or anything as so many others have already shared such great thoughts on the shows. Thanks for everything that's been posted!

    Rena and Nevermind - it was great to see you two, again. Can't wait for next time! Elysium - nice to finally meet you. I have to say that these shows in London didn't quite resonate with me as much as the shows in Ireland did. There was just something magical about that tour for me. David and the band sounded amazing, though, and I do think they are putting forth something quite unique and special so I'm glad that David decided to do more shows with this group so more people could experience it! I hadn't done three consecutive shows in the same city/at the same venue since 2003 (Sydney - State Theatre) and while I enjoyed that immensely this time I missed the excitement and anticipation that comes with different cities and different venues. Friday night was my favorite show of the three- great crowd, no glitches, Please Forgive Me! (including the usual clapping!). Gulls, Dancing With Both Feet Off the Ground and Cake continue to be my favorite new songs. Loving the continuing fluidity of Nemesis. All in all, a wonderful experience. I think I am ready, though, for the album to come out and the album touring to begin - ready to see what the next chapter holds, I suppose.
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    Going to try the pictures again -

    dgfeb71.jpg dgfeb72.jpg dgfeb73.jpg
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    Okay, on the photos - I think if you are logged in and click on them they show up in the their normal size. I hope so, anyway! If not - if I've totally screwed up (feeling a bit frazzled so it's likely I did!), could someone send me a message and when I can I will fix them?!? Thanks!
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    Great photos!! You had such wonderful seats! Thank you all for sharing your perspectives on these shows.
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    On yet another cold and snowy morning I find myself with coffee in hand, perched in front of the laptop at the kitchen table with the earbuds in. Once again, loving the videos, pics, and reviews. It all makes me think about the times I've had before. From what I've heard I think I'm going to love the new album. Gulls seems to be my favorite but Dun Laoghaire runs a close second. However, while watching the videos I find myself even really getting into the older stuff that made me a fan in the first place. Don't think I'll ever get enough.:headphone:
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    Sharon just posted this video of Laughing Gas on YouTube :)

    Nice !
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    Thank you so much for all the pictures and videos.

    Most aspects have been mentioned already so I will just add a few lines.

    I must say, I was truly overwhelmed by the energy and beauty of Thursday's show. I had not had a chance of seeing him in two years and expected this to be superb but once again was blown away full force by how far David is above any other artist I have seen in those years. This man is so much into his music, it's unbelievable.

    The beauty of the choir arrangements. The extra quality those arrangements added to songs like My Oh My and Nemesis. The later keeping with the tradition of taking the audience to an ongoing journey into psychedelic realms. Sheer awesomeness. I was very touched by this version.

    The new songs which hold so much promise for what is to come in the following years. The first one of the new albums won't be anything like those songs played on the tour but still they are a foreshadow of the quality of songwriting we can expect. The catching melody of Gulls. The fragile beauty of Skellig. Sweetness.

    There were quite a few technical glitches but David overcame them in such a charming and funny way they even added to the experience of an outstanding evening. The acapella version of My Oh My was great!

    It was a joy to see all the smiles and friendly interaction between David and Robbie. Robbie was amazing, so deeply into it all.

    The band played very well. Of course, there will never be any substitutes for Neill and Tim. These two play in a league of their own. They were not available so David had to play with other people. I can only imagine what the evening would have been like had Neill and Tim been involved.

    To my dismay I have to second what Teemto has said about Dancing With Both Feet... Lisa's voice is not adding anything to the song but ruins it. Her voice is just too dominant. Once again this song has such a subdued fragile beauty when being sung by David solo. I first heard it only days after it was written at that Ivor Novello songwriting master class at the O2 in London with just David on the piano. Somehow that version stuck in my head, it was perfect.

    The venue had excellent acoustics. Very nice.

    The people around us were sheer nuisance though. To the right a couple who had to get new drinks after every second song and talking constantly and to the left a very drunken guy who shouted David I love you! and the like at the beginning of every (!) song only to then turn his back to the stage and talk with his friends throughout each and every song and not do as much as glance at the stage. When David got louder he got louder. Argh. And yes, he was too loaded to talk to and ask him for silence. Fortunately we humans are blessed with a brain that allows us to blend out such distraction and focus on what is important. Not easy this time though. Under the circumstances the person behind us singing along off key was hardly noticed...

    It was great seeing some lovely and very dear friends once again. Tracey, Sharon, Lauren, Wolfie and Marc. I would have loved to say hello to Sadheart (how are you these days?) and Whereifall but could not spot you anywhere.

    Here is to next time. Hopefully soon.

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    Just having a chuckle at a post I just made, saying that hopefully the audience was made up of folks there to really listen and enjoy David's music. At my first concert of David's, the fellow in front of us :vomit: all over the seats. Everyone in front of him got moved up front. How I wished he had :vomit: in my seat. Well, not really. Needless to say, David's music was up to the challenge.
  9. Elysium

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    I was too so overwhelmed with Thursdays gig, it's still running round in my head.
    I can understand all of the previous comments. As a hard core fan, I would have loved to hear a few more oldies, and I am still waiting patiently to hear It Accumulates and Force of Nature........one day, in the not too distance future I hope, but I do understand that the majority there want the Whiteladder/Greatest hits songs.
    Although it was so nice to chill out in the comfort and warmth of the local pub before the gig, I much prefer to stand at a gig, although this means queuing for hours in the cold beforehand, it is so worth it, just to get a front row spot, that way there is normally less distractions, oh and I also love to dance to the more up beat songs.
    I am thinking though that the next album tour will be also a seating tour, what do others think?
    A couple directly in front of me, could not sit still or keep quiet, I could barely see for them, by the end of the first song I was thinking grrr, by the end of the second I was thinking grrrrrr, as soon as it was finished I had to say something and politely asked them to stop moving around and keep quiet, they were much better behaved, although not perfect. I do not go to any gig, especially David Gray to be distracted by selfish stupid people.......NO WAY I'M GONNA MISS DAVID GRAY.
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  10. Teemto

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    Unfortunately my view was completely blocked by the speaker at the end of the stage. The stewards had a list of people who's views were deemed obstructed and had already reshuffled them around but my name was not on this list (which I found incredibly hard to believe - right on the end of row 1)... so it didn't really go to plan!

    Also the tube strike caught me out a bit; the bus I planned to get was 20 minutes overdue and had around 300 people waiting for it. My quick thinking told me to run to High Street Kensington station (from Shepherd's Bush) in the hope of getting a train.... its only 1 and half miles right?

    Wrong. The station was closed. So then I ran to Earls Court station (another half mile) and gladly found a train to Westminister. I think it's safe to say I wrote off my morning jog last weekend..........

    But looking back it was a fantastic night! Thank you everyone for your reviews.... I hope PFM turns up somewhere because I would have loved to have been there for it.

    I grabbed a very average bootleg of My Oh My which i'll upload soon.. but don't get too excited because the quality ain't that great.
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    Made me think of Nos Da Cariad - and we'll be running... Good job (or should I say Good jog)
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    Breaking out the old and then new. I meant it when I first met "the man" and told him "you ease my mind". DG is my fall back. Keep looking on youtube for new videos. LOVE the ones I've found. Can't wait to meet up with some old friends and actually meet some new ones this summer. Still LOVING the new stuff especially Gulls and Dun Laoghaire (? I'm not Irish at least for the past 100 years). :singing::headphone::kiss:

    That means I'm singing, cranking the tunes on the ear buds, and giving much love to all!

    And looking through the smileys and wondering why there is a beaver present..Not complaining. I'm all for diversity and expression. Just don't know why I would ever post a pic of a beaver.
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    I said I would definitely get to the next tour or show that David did in England and unfortunately when it came to it I just didn't have the money!! I hope I am not made to regret this for too long and he will come and do a few more shows in the summer! :)

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