2014. July 3 - The Lowry, Lyric Theatre - Manchester, United Kingdom

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  1. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Everything about the 2014. July 3 - The Lowry, Lyric Theatre - Manchester, United Kingdom gig can be shared in here.
  2. wildhope

    wildhope Member Grayhead

    Tickets obtained, hotel booked.
    My boyfriend's first gig. Am so looking forward to this venue :)
  3. Julian

    Julian Member Grayhead

    Getting really excited about this show now.Love the new album.Looking forward to hearing the new songs live.
  4. daveeliver

    daveeliver Member Grayhead

    It will be strange going to the concert at The Lowry with at least 4 other Leonard Cohen fans, 3 of whom have never seen David live.
    I wish other and special friends from the Leonard Cohen crowd could have been with us!
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  5. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    :) BTW I like these Leonard Cohen fans!
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  6. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Have a wonderful time tonight, all you lovely people you!
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  7. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    Have a great night!
  8. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Leonard who ? :D

    Enjoy the show tonight folks !

    Marcel :happy:
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  9. Teemto

    Teemto Active Grayhead

    The Hand-dryers are so bad.

    Support by John Smith delayed until 8pm but we're pumped!
  10. Teemto

    Teemto Active Grayhead

    can't quite recall the set but I believe he played the album but Vegas and crow. Alibi was played along with the WL 4, the otherside, kathleen, my oh my and nemesis.

    I'll hopefully give a full review soon but for now I'll say that the setlist was perfectly ordered (opened with arctic and gulls in the encore). Band was awesome. yet the crowd were nowhere.
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  11. Teemto

    Teemto Active Grayhead

    I salute those in the audience having a great time and dancing, in fact all of the songs received great reception at the end. I just feel that during the songs the audience could have been better.

    that being said the band were on fire and were loving it :)
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  12. wildhope

    wildhope Member Grayhead

    Tonight's set list
    Birds of the High Arctic
    Back In The World
    Beautiful Agony
    Last Summer
    My Oh My
    Please Forgive Me
    This Year's Love
    Never Met A Girl
    The One I Love


    The Other Side
    Sail Away

    Fantastic night and met David after for signings. No pictures as he was in a rush.
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  13. Julian

    Julian Member Grayhead

    Amazing show...So much energy from David and the band.John Smith was excellent support and in Dave's band.Best show yet.Hope everyone had a great time too.
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  14. Elysium

    Elysium Active Grayhead

    Great setlist, thanks for posting so quick.
    Pleased you had a great time and got to meet with David after the show.
    What did Christian think of the concert ? x
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  15. Andrew valente

    Andrew valente New Grayhead

    If u read this forum David please play Hospital Food in Bournemouth on 9th of july please
    new album is fab and can't wait to see u again x x
  16. wildhope

    wildhope Member Grayhead

    Thanks Elysium. Christian loved it and is our newest Grayhead to join the club ;)
  17. Julian

    Julian Member Grayhead

    The strength of this UK tour is that it runs concurrently with the album release,resulting in an immediate chance to hear the new music live before the versions of the songs on the album take root.That was what excited me the most about it.Usually Live shows bring songs to life,however Mutineers sounds so good in itself.

    First up though was John Smith.I've liked John's music for a while so him supporting this show was a thrill.Not to mention his full role in David's band.Some in the audience were surprised to see him after his own set as he said "I usually pop out and sign some records but tonight i've got to leave straight away".This resulted in "John spotting" in the rows in front of me when they surprisingly saw him in Dave's show.

    The set opened with Birds of The High Arctic,probably my favourite track from Mutineers.An excellent way to start.The beautiful atmospheric intro was spine-tingling.There was instant energy on stage from the first word he sang.Leaving the piano,with a stand mike,for a eurphoric chorus of Yeah's before returning to the stool.A further four songs from Mutineers followed including the title track,during which Dave looked distinctly unimpressed with his Harmonica,promptly lobbing it back into it's holder as if it carried an infectious disease!!.

    It's good to see David opening with a lot of new songs,as he says at the beginning of the show.Yes,there will be crowd-pleasers and favourites from the past but good that he is saying i have some new stuff and i'm playing it.Indeed,what is the point of paying to see him live to constantly hear the old stuff.In fact Mutineers is so good the new songs already fit into the set very well.Fans will soon see them that way i'm sure.

    Generally the balance of the set was very good.The usual audience requests - some of which were never going to be heard.....recalling shouts of "Be Mine" here from certain sections of the audience.

    Following Last Summer we were treated to more familiar landscapes.Alibi,another with a superb introduction.Then came My Oh My,which brought predictable cheers.Kathleen with the excellent Niamh Farrell,she has a beautiful voice,was another highlight.
    Then Keith Prior on Drums began a familiar beat to many,at which point David said "Remember this one???".....Please Forgive Me...One of the few real bits of crowd participation,which was generally lacking even though there was thunderous applause.

    Following a beautiful version of This Years' Love with Caroline on Cello and Robbie on Stick Bass,there were two more songs from Mutineers;Cake and Girl Like You.Even though we were in his home town of Manchester,playful boos were heard when Dave announced he was a United fan before Cake.The One I Love brought the show to a close but not before Babylon which was sure to be played.

    When sat at the Piano for the encore,with a well deserved beer,he said,"Just one more quiet one before we continue the party"....Gulls was amazing!The harmonies so rich.A rare and very welcome return of The Other Side followed before Sail Away.Unexpectedly he went straight into "Crazy skies are wild above me now",maybe fearing the 11pm curfew and getting unplugged!,or it was just a different way of playing it he had decided beforehand.I think it worked very well.

    It was a fantastic show and a great setlist,mixing the new with the old and throwing in a few surprises along the way.The harmonies underlying much of the songs on Mutineers were so rich.The sound was excellent,the band and and singers too.Musicianship and playing of the highest class.One noticeable technical hitch,Robbie's stick bass during My Oh My refused to do as it was told - quickly resolved.David and the band at one with the whole performance.Fully involved in the music.David's performance was sheer class.He feels at his most comfortable on stage and it certainly brings the best out of him.

    There can be few if any that can match him on stage.He has a presence,which is completely natural.A superb show as those who have been will know.A treat to look forward to for those going to future shows.It's still in my blood!!Can hardly wait until next time!
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  18. Teemto

    Teemto Active Grayhead

    Fantastic review! can't think of anything to add really.. apart from one guy on the upper tier shouted "I've got piles and at least I stood up!" after PFM.

    It was a fantastic rendition of the song but unfortunately I remember this more than anything. The audience really loved every single song.. They just weren't in the dancing mood, something I generally do not understand!!
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  19. Teemto

    Teemto Active Grayhead

    Guess who got himself his very own archive.org account! :Blackalien:

    The manchester one came out best so i've put it on there

    Note that unfortunately the songs aren't split up and I occasionally say random things between the songs. This recording was not intended for maximum quality (or even public sharing) but it gives me great memories of this gig so perhaps some others will find some happiness in it.. who knows! If you do like it then enjoy :)

    Edit: Whoa it just embs the player right there! Ok well DG starts at around 7 mins in... good luck using the scroller bar XD

    You can always download it from the actual page and skip to songs a bit easier that way also.

    [[Also warning headphone users during the outro to PFM.. someone was whistling behind me and it hurts the ears]]
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  20. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Great job @Teemto ! You even catched one of Mr Smiths best songs. Thank you for sharing it with us - and for your warnings ;)

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