2014. July 8 - Colston Hall - Bristol, United Kingdom

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  1. Alex

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  2. Alex

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    IMG_6203.JPG IMG_6211.JPG IMG_6212.JPG IMG_6218.JPG IMG_6224.JPG IMG_6236.JPG IMG_6239.JPG IMG_6251.JPG IMG_6283.JPG IMG_6294.JPG
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  3. Alex

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    IMG_6153.JPG IMG_6299.JPG

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  4. carmel59

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    WOW Alex!!! fantastic photos!!! What were you using? lens? I have a weakness for the B&W. Can we arrange for a print of the first one? PM me please? Hoping for a RAW file.
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  5. VickiC

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    Alex, your pictures are stunning!! Thank you for sharing these with us! What kind of camera did you use?
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  6. Alex

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    I always carry a battered yet robust Canon EOS 20d and I used a great little portrait lens a Canon Lens EF 50mm 1:18 II. The camera is only 5mp. Not once did I use a flash and I had it on ISO 2000. The lens does the work when it come to low lighting. Perfect for close up shots at gigs. No filters used etc. happy to arrange a print

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  7. wolfie

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    Alex, big smile on my face when I read this as I know that feeling. Fingers crossed for you that David is back your way again soon.

    Thank you for all the beautiful photos you shared here with us. Some very nice individual shots as well as capturing the mood of the whole show.
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  8. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    @Alex nice pics!! Really! Is it possible to get them without the watermark for personal use only (no publication!) via Dropbox or sth else (PM too ?) ?? The idea with the watermark is a good idea for the internet..
    Thank you for sharing the pics and the way you made them with us.
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  9. Alex

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    Original format is only 3mb so I can email

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  10. Alex

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    And thanks everyone for your kind words regarding the pics!

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  11. carmel59

    carmel59 Well-Known Grayhead

    I'm assuming that's a prime lens? Just got a 40mm 2.8 myself. I'm new at all this and I thank you for the info. I'm seeing him in August and this info will help me to get some decent shots!!! I won't be as close as you were, so I'll be experimenting with a zoom also. Hopefully I can get away with it!!
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  12. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Wow Alex, wow!!! Now those pictures are beautiful. Fantastic photographs. Thank you so much for sharing !!
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  13. Alex

    Alex Member Grayhead

    Fortunately, if you are UK based you can pick one up for around £125 i.e.

    This is so cheap at the moment on Amazon at £77.00 tempted to buy a spare as I've had mine a few years now. Especially at that price!

  14. carmel59

    carmel59 Well-Known Grayhead

    I'm in the US, I did check Amazon and it really is nicely priced. I wish I had found out about prime lenses before I bought my camera!!! Live and learn...... I noticed the clarity as soon as I took one photo!!! Your photos were fantastic!.
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  15. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Great pictures @Alex , I did enjoy seeing these and quite like the watermark too... :D

    I should really write a little review of this gig, but there is a football match in 2 minutes ... As I already missed two semi-finals this is one I will watch...

    Take care !
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  16. Alex

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    I'm trying to co-ordinate ordering a curry and getting my 6 year old to occupy herself away from the tv. Not as easy as it sounds! Glad you liked the pics!

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  17. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    This came in today...

    from: http://www.365bristol.com/review/david-gray-at-the-colston/120/

    365 REVIEW

    Although in most parts, myself and the crowd seemed to connect to his new material, there was a palpable sense of relief from all when he moved on to the tracks that have given him pride of place in many people's music collections.

    David Gray was the guest to a packed Colston Hall in Bristol on Tuesday 8th July 2014, the perfect setting for such a fantastic performance. He arrived on stage slightly later than billed but this didn't appear to upset the eagerly awaiting crowd.

    He played a large number of tracks from his brand new album 'Mutineers' which may surprise many people is his 10th studio album some 21 years on from his initial debut release.


    There was an initial hesitance from the crowd to get involved as there were many who wanted to hear some of the great classics Gray has written, however all the songs were greeted positively and it was clear to see that there was an attempt by the artist to cautiously drift away from the style he is known and loved for. However new song 'Gulls' proved to us that while trying to be slightly different, it still had those recognisable David Gray sounds that the crowd really wanted.

    It is clear to see that he has chosen to play with his voice in a number of his new tracks. Adding falsettos and soft vocals, but still maintaining his very distinguishable and recognisable voice that has made him a firm favourite amongst a wide range of audiences from a wide range of age groups which was made evident in the mixed makeup of the crowd.

    Although in most parts, myself and the crowd seemed to connect to his new material, you couldn't help but notice there was a palpable sense of relief from the crowd when he moved on to the tracks that have given him pride of place in many people's music collections.

    Hits such as 'This Year's Love', The One I Love' and 'Sail Away' flowed effortlessly from one to the next. The highlight of the night undoubtedly being his performance of 'Please Forgive Me' which had the whole crowd mesmerised. It succeeded in raising the tempo and atmosphere getting a number of the audience out of their seats and dancing.

    It was no surprise that the encore was his iconic hit Babylon. He re-entered the stage without the band, relying purely on his voice and acoustic guitar.

    Many may have been expecting an intimate gig where he told stories and chatted about the origin of the new materials. But it became apparent that this was more an appreciation of a talented band and a seasoned professional artist, who uses his wealth or experience and success to write and perform songs that transfix a crowd in their own right.

    4 out of 5 - the performance would of benefitted from a standing crowd at the front. But this did not take away any of the tempo and flow and if anything built anticipation for his classics.


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