2014. July 9 - Bournemouth PavillionTheatre - Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Discussion in '2014 June/July - UK and Ireland' started by Rena, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

  2. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    A few tickets are still available from ticketmaster. You need to be quick though.
  3. Andrew valente

    Andrew valente New Grayhead

    Hi David if u read this can u play Hospital Food at this Gig please I see u havent at the rest its my fav song the new album us fantastic and again u have bowled me over x x
  4. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum Andrew.

    Hospital Food had not been played in a while but then you never know with David. Fingers crossed for you.

    Please come back here after the show and let us know all about it!

    :) Rena
  5. Andrew valente

    Andrew valente New Grayhead

    Thanks Rena this will be my 3ed david concert last being in Bristol on the last tour x x
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  6. Andrew valente

    Andrew valente New Grayhead

    Its here DAVID DAY im so looking forward to tonight and seeing David live for the 3ed time, have a gd evening David ill be with u all the way x x
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  7. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely wonderful performance. So so good.

    From Here You Can Almost See The Sea was played. One of my all time favourites. I did not expect to hear this and was blown away.

    Here is tonight's setlist:

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  8. Teemto

    Teemto Active Grayhead

    Really nice set! Thanks for posting Rena

    and Marcel I'm very sorry..
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  9. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    What Rena said! Absolutely wonderful!

    ........what Temto said, I'm very sorry Marcel :-(

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  10. Andrew valente

    Andrew valente New Grayhead

    I got a set list to x
  11. Andrew valente

    Andrew valente New Grayhead

  12. Andrew valente

    Andrew valente New Grayhead

  13. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    This audience loved him. They loved the new songs almost as much as the old ones. David thanked them for the warm reception of his new material. Some people behind me even knew the words to the new songs. Great.

    And everyone remained standing throughout the entire encore.

    What an amazing finale to a wonderful tour. I am glad I went to the last two as well. The performance has already been perfected even more and the band was so tight. What a joy it has been to watch this show.

    The ever changing setlist kept it all so interesting. The perfect rendition of the new songs and the rebirth of the well known classics was a perfect mix. I loved every second.

    A huge thank you to David and the band and everyone behind the scenes for those four evenings I was privileged to attend. And kudos to David for having the courage to give the new album such a prominent place. This music is outstanding and very special.

    It was great meeting some well known and some new faces yesterday - Marcel, Hans, Alison and her daughter, Tim and Tim and Tom.

    Here is to hoping they will return to play the UK or Ireland or the continent real soon. There is no one like David Gray.

    I can't wait.

    Rena xx

    PS congrats on meeting him, Andrew!



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  14. Andrew valente

    Andrew valente New Grayhead

    Were was u sitting rena I was E11x
  15. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    We were very lucky and had front row seats Andrew. Row E sounds very good too though.
  16. Andrew valente

    Andrew valente New Grayhead

    I had a gd veiw I was looking out for people but its hard to find people as not sure what people look like, I did meet a nice couple in pizzahut before had and saw them again after x
  17. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    A nice review:
    This was simply a brilliant show, a guy at the top of his game, enjoying himself with a great band and a great setlist. The crowd were ecstatic by the end, and everyone went home happy. The evening was summed up for me by two things. As the show finished I turned to see three young girls behind me, they were about 15 – 16 years old and with a guy who I assume was the father of one of them. The three kids were almost in tears of happiness as they thanked the father time and again for bringing them to such a great show. For his part he was smiling so widely I thought his face would split...
    Thank you David Gray for a brilliant performance, welcome back and please don’t be way for so long next time.
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  18. Andrew valente

    Andrew valente New Grayhead

    Well this was my 3ed David Gray concert and every time he just's gets better and better.
    The new album is fantastic one of his best yet.
    Right back to the gig....
    Played every song that I wanted bar one and not for the want of trying I was shouting out for the other one witch was HOSPITAL FOOD when I keep't shouting it he keep't looking at me but I new it was a long shot as he had not played it in any set for a while.
    Made me Laugh the ladys that were trying to dance and the old lady telling them to sit down and later in the show one shouted we want to dance and David said "well get on with it then" im glad the ladys were aloud to dance and by the end we were all on are feet anyway.
    Songs that stood out for me were mutineers, last summer, fugitive, snow in vagas, please forgive me and Babylon just for the crowds part in it.
    I wish I could go to a david show every night of my life but thats not going to happen I no.
    But can I say a big well done to David for a great concert and for giving us all such a great album in mutineers.
    Till next time David please dont make it to long as I need your music live in my life.
    And can the lady and gent I meet get in touch as I forgot her name on here.
    Thanks again
    Andy Weymouth x x x
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  19. Ted K

    Ted K Member Grayhead

    Love that he's breaking up the new stuff, with a few old ones and then back to the new stuff....and then throwing in another with the encore. Feeling weird that when I reviewed the Boston I suggested the Other Side and Please Forgive Me.....and the first set list I check out from the next tour they appear.

    Quite sure it is a coincidence, but I'll try to live in my make fantasy world for today where and pretended that he read and added these songs on my suggestion.

    Have family in town when he's in Boston and don't think I'll make it...but will be in Nashville on business when he's there. Provided all goes well, I'll catch him in the music city.
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  20. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Better late then never... here is my review of this gig...

    This was a special night !

    We arrived early afternoon in Bournemouth, where I had never been before... Strange mixture between what Hans would call elderly people (I would say old..) and young people. Same thing with architecture here, some pretty old hotels and then all of a sudden ugly concrete eastern european buildings. Quite a classic beach with a pier and the weather was for english standards quite excellent... Some folks even went for a dip in the sea (... see DG instagram) I refrained from doing so as my mankini was still in my wardrobe at home..

    So after some good burgers and nice beers we were about ready to see the gig... The difference in type of room with the night before was immense.. This was a proper theatre how I like to see it, and at 8:50 David and band appeared on stage. I was surprised to see Birds as the opener, but it worked really well with this audience. The new material was appreciated very much this evening anyway. The Incredible was not played in Bristol so was happy to see this one too, my last live version of this one I heard in Ireland, in a way I still prefer that one as its a little bit more pure and without drums... Somehow this song has a strange sort of rythm and if you leave the drums out it works better for me anyway.. Love the song, the version bit too smooth maybe...


    Back in the world was great and had more impact than the day before, Keith working hard here and approaching the electronic sound from the single with the breakbeat etc.. Well done.

    Mutineers again had quite some good reception from the audience, by now I think the band felt a good vibe in the room and David enjoyed all of it... good spirits !

    Agony like the night before was excellent, for me personally this might be the best song of the album. Last summer showed once more the skills of Caroline Dale, she has really made promotion after she started on the live in slow motion tour.. From Cellist to Superwoman that can do anything !


    After my oh my, we got fugitive in a nice and loud version that the band really seemed to enjoy, even John Smith grinning here.. and Robbie having lots of fun too.

    Kathleen showed David actually showing some love for the band .. does not happen too often but after mentioning twice that tonight was the first gig ever in Bournemouth for Niamh the audience gave her a nice applause.. Then again who would not for this stunning looking girl ! The day before I quickly met her from a safe distance, she gave me a nice smile... then again it could have been my wishful thinking LOL

    Back to reality with Sail Away, David mentioning his choice of maritime tunes here and the audience ate from his hand... For many this is a flagship song, and performed really well, even without Neill


    Sea is still an exceptional song and Otherside in this version was new for me, I loved it though. Very powerful

    Cake was a nice snack in between, by now I started to look at my phone to see if there was any updates from the worldcup game between holland and argentina... no news is good news ?

    I found Snow in Vegas excellent, I can remember some comments on how country-ish this song was in the US... This version very much involves the whole band and they show great harmony, lovely sound.

    We did not have Girl like you the night before in Bristol so was happy to hear this one live, and to be followed by such a classic version of Alibi... I now realized this could well be one of the best DG gigs I have been to... Wow !

    TOIL rocked the place, I had a quick look around and all I saw was happy faces.. :D

    During Please Forgive Me everyone stood up and started clapping and dancing, lots of smiles in the band and people kept on clapping until the band re-appeared back on stage for the encore. TYL might not be my favorite song but still a great tune and a massive favorite for many... who am I to complain... LOL


    The evening ended with a lovely version of Gulls followed by Babylon, where everyone had now put aside any shame left and the audience was singing loud ! :p

    What a great gig and by the time everyone left I realized there was an important match being played somewhere in Brasil... So I quickly made my way out and two minutes later I was in my hotel room watching the extra time of the match...

    We all know the rest, Holland got kicked out through penalties...


    Ah well, at least 95% of the evening I had a fabulous time...

    Thanks to all in the band, and my friends joining... Rena & Nevermind, and hello to Alison and some folks I don't know by name... I sensed there was a few from here ;)

    Cheers !

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