2014. June 26 - Sage Hall 1 - Gateshead, United Kingdom

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  1. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Everything about the 2014. June 26 - Sage Hall 1 - Gateshead, United Kingdom gig can be shared in here.
  2. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Folks, this venue is one of a kind. Designed by Sir Norman Foster it is a truly unique building. There is this special moveable ceiling that can be adjusted to whatever kind of music will be performed there. To those who have been to the KKL in Lucerne - inside the Sage is like it but even better.

    There are great memories attched to this special venue. #DJK #Tracey #Eileen :)

    Those going - have a blast. Unfortunately I have other obligations this time.
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  3. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    There are still some tickets available from ticketmaster this morning.
  4. Elysium

    Elysium Active Grayhead

    So looking forward to seeing David at this venue again, this place is magical and brings back great memories.

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  5. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Tonight's the night. Have a wonderful time everyone! This shall be amazing.

    David! The Band! The Sage!

    Can't wait to hear about it all.

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  6. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    Have a great one!
  7. Elysium

    Elysium Active Grayhead

    Thanks, Oh wow what a gig, I was totally blown away all over again.
    Just a very quick post to post the setlist, will add more tomorrow.

    I would just like to add some of my comments on various tracks and some of David's which I've put in brackets.

    What a wonderful gig this was, I absolutely love the Sage, it is a wonderful venue, David likes it too, this is the 3rd time he has played there, the sound is amazing.
    It was a gorgeous summers night and enjoyed a nice walk over the Millenium bridge for a Starbucks, just to stare at the Sage from the other side of the Tyne.
    It was so warm in the venue, David wore a very smart but thick blue jacket which he'd removed by the third song.
    So loved all of the new stuff, performed with just so much passion I was blown away, god that man is good, he is like fine wine and just gets better with age.

    1. Back in the world - Love this as an opener
    2. As the crow flies - Absolutely love this, my favourite on the album.
    3. Mutineers
    4 Beautiful agony
    5. Last summer

    (Last of new songs, thanks for your patience during the new songs)
    6.Gulls - (DG - "The track I wanted to start album, but closes it instead.")
    8. Alibi - (Not many outings since LISM) David started this 3 times as he kept forgetting the words and then at the end he said (Went large with fu** ups there , double burger king style - bacon double fu**er)
    9 TOIL
    10 Fugitive
    11 Snow - (some songs are distant, some emotional, this one knocked me down when it came, doesn't happen very often). I just loved this live, although it seemed more like an old song after watching the you tube clip so many times.
    12 The Incredible - Robbie on the piano for this one
    13 Girl like you - (Love playing this one) and he gave it his all.
    14 Birds of the high Arctic - This was excellent with David so energetic jumping around with his microphone at the front of the stage, reminded me a little of when he performed Wont get fooled again in Dublin.
    15 My oh My - Wonderful
    16 Kathleen- really enjoyed this, but I can barely hear Niamh.
    17 PFM - This was a great crowd pleaser and The Sage went wild clapping, which the band loved. This one just so reminds me of DJK, I can just imagine him being there clapping. :)

    18. Babylon - David solo, this was stunning
    19. TYL - David, Robbie and Caroline
    20 Otherside - so happy to hear this one tonight and also at the RAH, David ended repeatedly whispering this chorus:
    The lines/lies/eyes upon me ???
    The lines are down. - I definitely caught the second line, but not sure out of the choice of the 3 for the first line.
    21. Sail Away.

    Got a setlist which David followed exactly until the encore;

    Shine was listed in brackets as the 1st song of the encore, but not played and Cake as the 3rd song also not played.

    I was a little disappointed Nemesis, but also more than content with the setlist and also if he sings it every time, we will be thinking David you are spoiling us, keeps it more special I suppose, but hoping to hear this gem in York next week, especially as its my last show of the tour.

    I took a friend with me as a special treat, she has been battling with medical problems for 3 years, so deserved a treat, she had seen David once before in 2003 but thought he was amazing and so much better.

    We waited outside after the gig for an hour but David did not come out, Trevor did though when I asked him how long David would be he said he was not scheduled to leave until for another hour, when i told him i would have loved to get my tour book signed, he kindly offered to take it inside for David to sign.

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  8. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    There's a video up already. Babylon, of course, but it's nice quality. The voice is sounding a little on the hoarse side, and was he frustrated with the quiet audience? I can't tell.

    Glad you enjoyed it! I'm loving Other Side back on the setlist. Also, I heard a little short snippet of My Oh My on Instagram from the London show. Is it all changed up? I never pictured it as a clap along kind of song!

    ETA: TOIL just popped up too
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  9. VickiC

    VickiC Active Grayhead

    Ahh, Sea!! And Vegas makes its first appearance this tour!! Great setlist!

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  10. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Elysium, thanks for the setlist. Rosalie, thank you for the videos.

    Nice setlist. Alibi!! And, yay, Snow in Vegas finally had its UK Mutineers debut. Interesting no Nemesis. Great to see DG mixing it up a bit!
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  11. thefox

    thefox Active Grayhead

    Cake is gone! WOOO!!!
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  12. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    What a great setlist. Thank you for sharing so quickly Elysium.

    One question - the songs he has not played in Birmingham and London - did they receive a make over like My Oh My and The Other Side?

    So curious about what Alibi sounds like these days. And From Here You Can Almost See The Sea! A beautiful setlist.

    Glad to see that breathtaking version of The Other Side seems to be a regular part of the set.

    And how wonderful that this amazing new album gets such a prominent part of the show !
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  13. Elysium

    Elysium Active Grayhead

    Yes Alibi and From here you can almost see the sea sounded fresh and new and I'm also so glad to hear The Other side, it's always been one of my favourites.
    Yes David's voice did sound hoarse right from the second song and just now and again through the setlist he struugled very slightly with some of the lyrics and I felt for him, but he more than managed to perform just so perfect as always.

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  14. Elysium

    Elysium Active Grayhead

    Edited my setlist post above :)
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  15. Elysium

    Elysium Active Grayhead

    Yes you are right about his voice, just hope it's ok for rest of the tour and David manages to rest it when he can, it was only very slight though now and again, he still managed to perform perfectly and hit lots of high notes without any problem.
    He didn't seem frustrated with the audience whom are always very quiet at The Sage, but also really appreciative at the end of every song, even all the new stuff. :)
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  16. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

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  17. Teemto

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    Oh wow what a set!

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