2015.07.17 and 18 Hollywood Bowl with Amos Lee

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    Thank you, @wolfie - I was really looking forward to hearing about these two gigs. Aww, darn it on the no Pony!! I suppose Violin does fit in a little better with the philharmonic, but it sure is a lot of...um...fun ;)

    I would love to hear BOTHA, Slow Motion and Alibi with the phil. Wow!! Perfect songs for it, I would think. Maybe some more videos will pop up.
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    Anyone want a Section N3 ticket for tonight? $20 or so? Also, is it rain or shine? I lnow Bowl concerts with the Phil go on, but not sure for other artists? Orange County is getting significant rain.
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    According to the Hollywood Bowl website "there are no rained out concerts" so yes, rain or shine. The website also states that umbrellas are not permitted so bring a rain coat or poncho if you can. It is currently raining near the venue (I am about a 15 minute walk away) but let's hope for the best by showtime. And don't forget that DG is first up tonight!
  4. John

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    Here we go!! This is soooo damn beautiful!! I want that in my hometown with the local professional orchestra.. And I even would have the contacts as well.. WOW!!

    Jackdaw (Oh YEAH!! - Always wanted to hear the strings being original and not out of Tims synths.. ;)):

    Shine (Solo):

    ALIBI (am I dreaming??? For me the most beautiful version EVER!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:):

    Please Forgive Me (DAMN!! That's badass... :eek::eek: :oops::rolleyes:...
    The "Oh Los Angeles Yeah Yeah" is sooo damn incredible beautiful BAAAM!!!) :

    This Year's Love:

    Still waiting for BOTHA and Slow Motion and of course the rest to appear...
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  5. SoCalFan

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    Holy. Amazing. Ness. Thank you for sharing.
    Can't wait for tonight! Just bought our ponchos, rain or shine, we are IN!
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  6. thefox

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    How's about a CD for $9275740.27 from that gig? I mean....I'd buy it.
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  7. John

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    Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolyyyyy Ghooooooooooooooost... Here we go part 2!!!! I wished I were there.... Lucky guys! It sounds all so amazing..

    Birds of the High Arctic!!!!!!!!!!
    I dont't find any words for this.... This is...:

    Intro by the LA Philarmonic:


    Life In Slow Motion:

    The One I Love:
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  8. John

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    Snow In Vegas with LeAnn Rimes:

    Sail Away:
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  9. Main

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    Soooooo beautiful!! Thanks for all the links!
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  10. RosalieEP

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  11. Dave

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    Damn I'd buy two copies

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  12. John

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    I second that :D
  13. wolfie

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    Well darn if I had know how much a recording would go for I would have recorded the shows. KIDDING!!! :rolleyes:

    Just for completeness of record...

    Set List for Hollywood Bowl - July 18, 2015

    Birds of the High Arctic

    Sail Away



    Slow Motion






    So thankfully the rain stopped right around the time the show started. Unfortunately though it seemed as if the rain had scared some people off as the crowd was not as large as I expected. After Babylon DG was trying to get the crowd more revved up and show him some love. Hope he felt the love as it was there. It was so strange to have DG as the opener. I was seated quite a bit further back last night than I was Friday night and the sound was so good from that perspective. Brass section just killed it on TOIL and the harp on Slow Motion - wowzer. Before they played Alibi DG said the song was "proof that more is more." Indeed. Big and beautiful that one was with the philharmonic. Again my only complaint of the night was that I wanted more. But Amos and his band delivered another epic set as well so it was a fully satisfying night. Wonderful that DG and the band joined Amos and his band for the last song of the night and tour. Great gathering of talent on that stage. Great two nights of music. So thrilled to have been there. What next?!?!
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  14. SoCalFan

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    I have never heard a more beautiful rendition of ANY of his songs than I heard last night. The accompaniment by the Philharmonic was wonderful. It was worth every minute of driving in pouring rain crappy OC to LA traffic. The crowd was definitely light, bummer for the artists, but nice for us as we had a whole row to ourselves.

    Maybe at some point he will release a live CD like Amos.

    Oh, and I'm a little bummed David didn't sign yesterday's posters. Wonder what happened there? :-(
  15. carmel59

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    Thanks for all those amazing links, Shine is my most all time favorite of David's work. If someone asked me who he was I'd tell them to listen to this rendition of Shine and you'll know who David Gray is. Just exquisite work. Just his voice, his poetry and guitar.
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  16. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Thank you so much for the review a and setlists, Wolfie! You lucky people who could attend what seems like a once in a lifetime experience.

    Also thanks for putting together those videos for us! Now that's outstanding. Really special.

    Next stop Lucerne, folks : )
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  17. nevermind

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    A nice review !

    David Gray was on a tight schedule with only 90 minutes to perform his 15-song set before the 10 p.m. noise curfew. The charming Brit got right to it with the magical “Birds of the High Arctic” from his latest album Mutineers. Gray is a spark plug on stage and his energy was infectious as he dug deep into his catalog of songs.

    Gray’s chart topping White Ladder was well represented with “Babylon,” “Sail Away,” “My Oh My,” “Please Forgive Me,” “This Year’s Love,” and “Silver Lining.” Though first released in 1998, the songs from Ladder are still as seductive and original today as they were 17 years ago.

    One of the highlights of Gray’s show—and there were many—was when he performed “Gulls.” The song is grounded by an hypnotic, delicate piano melody layered with harmonizing vocals, acoustic guitar, and humming keyboards. On the record, it is sonically celestial and enveloping, a challenging combination to translate live. But beneath the Santa Barbara night sky, Gray succeeded—with vocal help from opening act Joseph, a trio of siren-voiced sisters—in evoking the atmospheric plane of the breathtaking “Gulls.”

    Although the late hour forced Gray to wrap up his set, his fervor onstage had not abated and it seemed like he would have happily played another 15 songs. Still, in the time allotted him, Gray put on a show that was exciting, engaging, and aurally perfect.
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  18. Dave

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    Hi folks for those on dimeadozen there is a recording of the second night, for those not on dime after more information feel free to drop me a pm
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