2015.07.23 Lucerne - Blue Balls Festival - KKL

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  1. davidcotyalex

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    i cannot think of a better venue and I have been to a few :)

    thinking back to 07 when those guys last played at blue balls together back to back - funny damo was the first one back then too............I am sure dg will be wonderful as hard not to be excited about the entire experience! enjoy!
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  2. wolfie

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    I am so tired but I can't fall asleep so what to do but come and post on the forum. I recorded the setlist but I think one of the others would probably like to post it so I will let them do the honors. This is just me getting my thoughts out while they are fresh.

    Of those I attended, this was my favorite show of the year. It was a thrill for me to attend the last full band shows, which were in Australia and New Zealand, and I thoroughly enjoyed the recent US shows I attended, especially the ones at the Hollywood Bowl, but this show tonight in Lucerne was tops for me.

    First of all, David was essentially the opener for his own show. He performed the first 8 songs solo. Incredible. I was sitting there completely stunned that he did so many songs without the band to start the show. One after another after another. Totally unexpected and mind blowing for me. Dancing was one of the highlights as I fell in love with that one during the Sounding Out tour and it will forever be a part of that special journey for me. Fixative touched me in a deep and unexpectedly emotional place (I hate crying at a show without a tissue within reach). Vegas solo and on the piano is that song at its best. As far as the older songs, the ones we so often refer to as "gems" - well, that they are. I feel fortunate every time I get to hear one. Tonight we got to hear many. Fortune multiplied. Beautiful.

    Totally thrilled to have Caroline Dale back on cello for the show tonight. I missed her on the US tour. She adds so much to the sound and for me some of the songs off Mutineers, like Birds of the High Arctic, Gulls, and especially Last Summer, just aren't the same without her. So just what a totally wonderful surprise.

    The rest of the band consisted of Robbie, Tim, and John Smith. This was the same band that performed at the San Jose show last December. It is a totally unique sound, most obviously due to the lack of a drummer. Robbie was often the stand in drummer, using his instrument as the drum. Just a very mellow but at the same time completely full sounding band. I thought it was very well suited to the venue as the quality and richness of sound there was better than just about any venue I've ever been to. Highlights of the band set for me were Cake (I can't help it, I have a soft spot for that song), Gulls, Nemesis, and Nightblindness. Nemesis and Nightblindness are two of my favorite live songs of all time. I got to hear both on the same night in Maine but wasn't sure I ever would again. But tonight - yes, again! Hooray!

    David was very animated and talkative during the show. I love when he tells a story or offers some insight into a song. Maybe some jetlag and not enough sleep at play with this show. Probably not so good for David but great for us as he was wide open. I love that element in a show - a kind of unpredictability and the sense that anything could happen.

    I have to mention what a wonderful time I had with Rena, nevermind and John. The company truly helped to make these nights in Lucerne even more memorable for me. Rena and nevermind, it is always a pleasure. Thank you for inviting me to dinner tonight. John, it was great to meet you! I hope I see you all again soon!! Main, nice to meet you and your family - so glad you made it in time.

    Making the decision to travel so far for a show is never an easy one. There are so many factors to weigh. These two shows (Damien Rice and DG) were well worth it all and I will never forget either one. This DG show was quite unique and kind of a "twofer" - and the best of both worlds - with both a solo and a band component. I loved the city, the venue, DG's mood, the setlist, the band... it doesn't really get any better.
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  3. davidcotyalex

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    nice but you didn't mention what gems??!!

    and absolutely I have been fortunate to have been to two blue balls festivals and hence three gigs at the kkl... I am serious I think I like it even better than the Ryman which off the cuff would be my closest second?

    and wonderful on the acoustic - you saw the chatter outside d on the solo tour yes?? that I would travel for :)

    lucerne is nice but it is a bit stuffy................you just need to be ready for that - I do think our second trip the better as we knew the drill played the standard snelly card and told them to go f off whenever they tried their pretentiousness lol

    safe travels and do post the set list puleez!
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  4. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    for the damo fans....

    He wasn't in a bad mood exactly. Just a lil tense. At least that was my impression.
    No aftershow in lucerne - he was outside for talks and hugs however.
    I asked if he could play "What If I Am Wrong" at the Rome gig.

    I will make my recording avail tonight.

    Damien Rice
    22 July 2015
    Blue Balls Festival - Lucerne, Switzerland

    Source: Stereo Pair DPA-4021 > SD MixPre-D > Nagra SD
    Transfer: Wavelab


    00: Intro [00:53]
    01: Cannonball [04:53]
    02: The Box [04:11]
    03: Nine Crimes [04:40]
    04: Volcano [08:17]
    05: Trusty & True [06:24]
    06: The Professor & La Fille Danse [05:45]
    07: Rootless Tree [04:25]
    08: The Greatest ******* [04:37]
    09: Delicate [05:06]
    10: Accidental Babies [07:44]
    11: It Takes A Lot To Know A Man [13:28]


    12: My Heart * [07:25]
    13: Older Chests [04:26]
    14: The Blowers Daughter + [04:29]

    * With Mariam the Believer
    + Unplugged
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  5. Overdog

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    A promise is, after all, a promise! ;)

    2015-07-24 08.44.50.jpg
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  6. Rena

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    Ha! Thank you for keeping your promise. Nice choice of a name btw : )
  7. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Thank you wolfie for coming on in the middle of the night and sharing your thoughts about the show with us. So well said- I second it all.

    Now. I am still totally stunned by last night. This was so special I am getting all emotional when I am thinking about it. And I can't stop thinking about it.

    This was one of these rare magical nights that stay with you for a lifetime.

    First that talk show David participated in. Which showed what class he has. He was the second guest , the first ones were two young guys from a Swiss band. What they mostly talked about were band names and places they did not like to play in. Well. And then came David. He gave us deep insights in his development as a writer and an artist and a human being. This was so interesting.

    And then the show at the KKL which to me is the best venue in the whole of Europe. Crystal clear sound and an appreciative audience. You could have heard a pin drop. David called the audience quiet but it was an awed, respectful quietness.

    Oh my. This show was so special. David coming on stage all on his own and treating us with about an hour of solo acoustic songs. The richness of his voice, the class of his excellent band, the outstanding quality of the music, the setlist, the stories that gave such insights.

    He usually is not very talkative on stage but last night was different. He told us never heard before in depth stories about many of the songs in that first half of the show. I so enjoy hearing about what inspired David and how the magic that is his music unfolds.

    I especially loved the story about his childhood in Wales. This gave such interesting details about how his love for nature developed. Thank you so much David for sharing this.

    And then the music. The music!!! The entire performance was utterly amazing. Sheer breathtakingly awesomeness. Those are big words I know but they are appropriate here.

    In the solo acoustic part David made a journey through time, from 1993 until today. He started with "Lead Me Upstairs" which I haven't heard live before. This was followed by a lovely rendition of "Shine" and the beautiful and hardly ever played "L's Song", "Falling Free", "Coming Down" "Fixative", "Dancing With Both Feet off the Ground" (sweetness!!!) and "Snow in Vegas". To me "Snow in Vegas" is best when played in this way. Just David and a grand piano. Pure and raw. Somehow it is a totally different song then. Beautiful.

    At this point he invited the band on stage and introduced each band member by name. Very nice! They were outstanding. Especially Robbie who also did a very clever version of the rhythm section by tapping on his instrument and Tim who received well deserved praise from David for his excellent piano play.

    Listing the songs does not do them
    justice. The way they were played was amazing but here you go -

    -Birds Of The High Arctic (and Gulls on the same night - such a treat!)
    -Cake (just like wolfie I really like the song - it has a certain 'drive' to it)
    -My Oh My (yes!!! always on of the highlights of a show)
    -the beautiful "Last Summer" so glad Caroline was there so it could be played
    -Gulls !!!!!
    -Kathleen!!!!! This will always be special to me. The lyrics are just something else.
    -Incredible !!!
    -Sail Away
    I was so so happy to hear Nemesis which hardly had been played recently. And what a special treat this version was. David took us on a very special journey here. I so loved this.

    The encore started with This Year's Love. I had not dared hope for getting Nemesis and Nightblindness on the same night but here it came. I haven't heard this for so many years and was blown away by what David called 'an original version'.

    The night ended with Babylon.

    An evening filled with gems. Especially in this combination.

    I will keep this perfect night in my heart. My love for David Gray and his music will never cease. Last night was such a blessing. I can't wait to see him again. This is the best there is in the world.

    The time Nevermind and I spent with wolfie and John over the last couple of days was lovely. Thank you both so much for the great company. xx

    I am glad you could make it in time Maine. It was lovely meeting you and your family. And then Overdog - great meeting you after all these years on the old forum and looking forward to seeing you on this one here.

    So - here's to next time! Hopefully it won't be long.
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  8. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Thank you for that Damien Rice post DCA. This will be nice to listen to again. Much appreciated. But don't get me started on that Mariam the Believer person...dear me...
  9. Main

    Main Active Grayhead

    There was only a little bit of traffic and because my daughter could leave work half an hour early, we made it well in time! We even had time for a quick hot dog before we went in. The moment we walked in, we were greeted by Rena, Nevermind, John and Wolfie. It was so nice to see the persons behind the avatars. We chatted a bit before we took our seats.

    Years ago, at the Roundhouse in London, David was also the opener of his own show. I remember how incredibly happy that made me. So to get that treat again last night was just brilliant!! I could listen to him solo all night. So wonderful to have him play some of the old songs.

    I have never seen David so talkative. We got some insight in how his mind works. The mind of an artist alright! With a few words he can paint a scene and you are right there with him!

    This was not a night to dance and sing and have a good time with your mates. This was a night to sit quietly and in awe and to enjoy the music to its fullest. I loved the quiet audience, so you could clearly hear every last whisper and sigh from David, and every last quiet note of every song. Beautiful doesn't begin to describe it. Now, I have never been on a drugs-induced high, but I imagine that when you are... music sounds like the last 10 minutes of Nemesis. :D Surreal, drawn out, no boundaries. Loved that we got Nightblindness too, didn't expect that! Such a beautiful song!

    I was also very happy that Davids voice was in such excellent shape. And very happy that Caroline was there! Love the sound of her cello and she adds to so many songs! (LOVED Last Summer!!)

    Thanks for posting the set list Overdog :)

    I am still in this "WOW" mood. Wow... just... wow!! :D
  10. Main

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    Here are a few photos from last night:






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  11. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Rena and Main, I enjoyed reading your thoughts and in so doing reliving the night. Main, thank you for sharing your photos.

    Loved David's description on the show as "epic." Indeed!!!!

    Is it just the lack of sleep or I am right that he did not play Gathering Dust?? My memory and the setlist I jotted down go from L's Song to Falling Free.
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  12. Main

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    Oh... good one. I think you are right!
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  13. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    You are right wolfie. I will edit my post above accordingly.
  14. thefox

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    are you sh*tting me? I thought I was the only who played Lead Me Upstairs after 2001. That's amazing! So glad y'all got to share the experience.
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  15. sixstringedman

    sixstringedman Member Grayhead

    Wow wow wow... that is all I can say about that acoustic set. What a special treat for everyone there! Seriously though?!?! L's Song, Coming Down, Lead Me Upstairs? Those three songs would've done it for me for the night. Unbelievable.
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  16. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Just arrived home.. I throw my thoughts in tomorrow.

    HERE's one of the best interviews of David:

    Sadly cut to the half I think - David appears around 4:15
  17. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Thanks John. Will watch this as soon as I'll get home tomorrow. This interview was something else. And sitting just 3-4 meters away from him made it even better.
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  18. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    Wow, I love reading these reviews! What a setlist! What a show! Any chance of one of those high quality videos as has other Blue Balls shows have had?
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  19. Dave

    Dave Member Grayhead

    Did anyone manage to tape the show? Thanks
  20. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    To my utter dismay I could not spot any cameras so I do not expect to see official videos other than the ones from the talk shows.

    Such a pity. This was so amazing. I am still on a high.

    Edited to say - prove me wrong, Blue Balls, prove me wrong... ; )
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