2015.07.23 Lucerne - Blue Balls Festival - KKL

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  1. thefox

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    Second to the recording
  2. Birdie

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    So wish I could have been there - espacially after reading all about it............
    But as too many of my colegues are on holidays now, there was no chace for me in gettIng a few days off.......
    Soooooooo sorry about that...........
    And it sure would have been great meeting some of you again......
    But I am happy for all of you who were able to go........
    Maybe we will meet again next time.

    Love, Birdie
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  3. nevermind

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    What an epic concert! Such a fantastic mixture between storytelling and amazing music.
    This was my third DG concert in Lucern and again I'm blown away by the beauty and strength of David's music. So glad to hear all this inside views David offered during the evening. I've never seen him in such a talkative mood before, thanks to an immense jetlag! Knowing David as a musician who wants to control every little bit his band is playing, this time I had the impression that he was willing to give a bit more space to the musicians of his brilliant band. And the result was amazing! Especially seeing Tim jumping from the harmonium to the piano was great.
    Thanks to a few good friends from the forum I enjoyed Lucern even more: wolfie(xx), John, Rena, Main! And welcome back to the forum @Overdog! It was nice meeting you!
    Hope to see David again in Lucern at the wonderful KKL real soon!
    Btw: this was the first time I've seen David with his mobile on stage. Funny!

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  4. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Nevermind, you captured him with his mobile on stage! Thank you for sharing that and your other photos too!! xx
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  5. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Hey guys, here's the picture I took of our new old member @Overdog with David behind the KKL concert hall. Nice photo though! I won't let you wait any longer ^^
    I just converted all my photos that I want to share with you and will write my review as soon as possible with many photos. I made it with the camera into the concert ;)
    I'm just really busy atm.. Will be travelling tomorrow and might prewrite my review then in the train..

    Stay tuned ^^

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  6. Main

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    Cool, thanks, John! :)
  7. Suz

    Suz New Grayhead

    Dear all, being a long time fan of David I'm a new member of this Forum. It was the first time I saw David live.... epic... And such a beautiful venue too. We traveled from the Netherlands to Switzerland for this concert. The best I ever have been to. I would like to share with you my favourite song of the album and one of the highlights of the evening (imho): Gulls.

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  8. carmel59

    carmel59 Well-Known Grayhead

    Hello Suz! and what a beautiful photo!!! thank you!!
  9. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    A warm welcome to you @Suz. That is a beautiful photo capturing the magic of Gulls. Thank you!
  10. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Take your time @John. We are patiently waiting for your review.

    What a nice picture of @Overdog and our one and only David!

    I am still on such a high from this concert. This evening was so outstanding and special.
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  11. Main

    Main Active Grayhead

    Welcome to the forum, Suz. Great concert you picked for your first David live experience! It was magical!

    I am Dutch too, btw, but I live in Switzerland (married to a Swiss). :)
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  12. Overdog

    Overdog New Grayhead

    Oh f*dg*c*ke! I had a monstrous review drafted and waiting to be finished... and now it's gone!
    So I'm afraid I'm gonna have to be brief on this one.

    Just wow! What a wonderful show! From the very start I was completely blown away. I mean, Lead Me Upstairs, come on... how could anyone remain cool in that moment? It gave me literal goose bumps. And in spite of all my manliness ( :p ) I was forced to fight off a bit of welling up. I won the fight, though!
    There's only one DG moment that I can recall that came so close to my innermost core. It was when I heard him play Coming Down for the very first time (live version from the "Point" DVD, hadn't bought Flesh by that time). And whaddayaknow... a few wonderful songs later he played that very one too!

    And don't we all love the tiny little f**k-ups that sometimes happen? And the brilliant way David deals with them? It gives such a human "living room vibe" to the whole gig.
    I'm probably not only one with fond memories of the great disaster of 2007 ... ... "he walks these hills in a long black veil" ;)

    Fixative touched me in a most unexpected way after David had introduced us to his personal connection to the song. These insights into many of the songs and in some way into David himself made this gig one of the very special ones. And I feel privileged to have been there!

    Then there was "Dancing with Both Feet Off the Ground" - one I had been waiting to hear live ever since it first appeared on Youtube in a slightly blurry recording from Sundance 2012 (courtesy of Marcel). Still haven't figured out how to play it, though. Wish I could!

    I could go on and on, so much more to say. But alas, the day is growing old.
    A few more do require mentioning, though:
    - Nemesis was simply a...ma...zing (having a bit of Revel-Horwood syndrome here :))
    - Nightblindness was just as amazing
    - Nemesis AND Nightblindness !!!!!

    Just because I didn't mention some songs doesn't make them any less great. Looking at the set list it was a very special gig and I feel incredibly lucky to have been there! And David being so open and personal (and apparently totally jet-lagged) made the concert even more special.

    Thanks also to all the others who shared their reviews and pictures. And loads of thanks to John for taking a picture of me and David after the concert!!!

    @Rena, @wolfie, @nevermind, @John - it was so cool to meet you after the concert! I'm sincerely sorry I couldn't join you for the "afterparty". If it wasn't for my having to work on Friday I definitely would've tagged along. Anyway, there's always a next time :)

    PS: I have audio recordings on my phone of "Dancing" and "Snow". Quality's not worth mentioning. But I can make them available if somebody wants them.
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  13. Overdog

    Overdog New Grayhead

    Thank's for taking me back after quite a lengthy hiatus.
    I took the name from an interview David gave in my very early fan days, during the LISM period. He said "I'm no more the underdog. I'm the overdog." And somehow this phrase has stuck with me ever since.

    (Edited: corrected the DG quote after revisiting said video... it's in the "Making of" extra on the LISM DVD)
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  14. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Same here! That one really got to me.

    I feel the same way!

    Yes, please!!!!! :)

    @Overdog, I apologize for not saying it earlier but it was nice to meet you. Thanks for your review and for offering to share your recordings of Dancing and Snow.
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  15. Overdog

    Overdog New Grayhead

  16. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    I am afraid I can't help with the piano sheets but I just wanted to say thank you, Overdog, for the recordings. So nice that you got David speaking about Snow in Vegas before he played it. The recordings sound just great to me. These two songs solo on piano are sheer perfection to me. Thanks, again.
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  17. Ioana

    Ioana New Grayhead

    Dear all,
    New on this forum (glad I found it), being a fan of David for some time now...travelled from Germany (Bonn) to Lucern to see him. Glad I have decided to go (even though the place I had was somewhere up at 3rd foor), it was worth it. Thanks for this thread, loved to read your impressions. Hope, maybe to meet you at his next concert (btw, does anyone know about other concerts in autumn this year?)
  18. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Hello and a warm welcome to David's forum.

    There are no news about tour dates in autumn yet but usually they get announced at fairly a short notice so just keep checking this forum.

    We all are hoping for more tour dates soon and hopefully we can meet then.
  19. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    @Overdog it was great meeting you and there will be another opportunity - hopefully soon. It's always so nice to meet others who appreciate David's art. We are glad you have found your way back to all of us :)

    And no worries about leaving early due to work commitments! We all have busy lives...

    And thanks for the recordings etc.
  20. ak11

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    now this is a setlist i can get behind
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