2015.07.23 Lucerne - Blue Balls Festival - KKL

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  1. John

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    Well, it has been a while now since I first wanted to share my thoughts and impressions with you. I already wrote some lines down but am to busy with my "first serious" job ever to put them in here. I will write my review here in the next days - the sheets are filled ;)

    Here are my personal photographs of this concert I want to share with you. Please feel free to use them for private and non commercial belongings. :)
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  2. Main

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    Thank you for sharing your photos. They are great! How cool that you got a photo with David. :) Good luck in your first real job!
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  3. nevermind

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    Great photos, John! Thanks!
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  4. Teemto

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    Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading all these reviews... long ago we thought that Dust was near impossible but it happened.

    Now the appearance of nemesis AND nightblindness? I think we're spoilt...

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