48-hour Tube strike this Wednesday and Thursday.

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    HOW TO BEAT THE TUBE STRIKE: Find out which lines will run and when during union walkout!

    For those who want to use the London Tube to get to David Gray's concert on the 02.05. and 02.06.

    Transport for London has announced the services it will try and run during this week’s 48 hour strike.

    The RMT and TSSA have called strikes in response to the loss of 950 jobs stemming from London Underground’s plans to close all tube station ticket offices. This week’s strike is scheduled to start at 9.30pm on Tuesday; services won’t be back to normal until Friday morning.

    On Wednesday and Thursday, this is what LU thinks it can run between 7am and 11pm each day. There will be Travel Ambassadors at stations helping with alternative routes; going from previous experience we can only advise that even though some services will run, they’ll be massively busy so if you can make other arrangements, do. We’ll keep you updated if there are any significant changes to these plans during the strike.

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    Oh my, London without the tube is utter chaos !

    Good luck all of you :watching:

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