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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Marcel, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    It would be great to have a mobile app on my smartphone to read and post on this website !

    So, we actually already thought about this and it will be in the works over the next few weeks...

    So stay tuned !

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  2. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Ok Folks,

    Before we get our own app (IOS & Android), there are a few options to use a smartphone to access the forum. Most mobile browsers should work fine but you can also use an app that is called ForumRunner.

    If you search for David Gray Forum (which is in Entertainment --> Music) you will find our registration.

    So far not working perfectly for me, as I get a permission denied on uploading pictures... even when in the right sizes etc.

    For basic reading and writing it looks perfect, check it out or wait for our own custom app. The last one might take some time, as Apple approvals etc take quite a bit of time.

    Take care !

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  3. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Hey, great to hear of our own app in the future. Thought about it in past.. and now I see you too. Great Marcel!
    Thanks a lot.

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