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  1. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Hey grayheads,

    I do advertisement from time to time for this forum under the latest Messages David posts on Facebook.
    I got eight new members for the fb-site of the forum. I'm sure of it because I watched the member amount before posting it and after. I hope you noticed that :) And I hope they come over to our site here :)

    I think it would be more effective if the admins would do this in form of the forum site on facebook. I post for example sth. like that: "Dear Grayheads outside there. Join the only official David Gray Forum. Would love to have you there in discussions.. And you get the latest information about all around David Gray." with links..

    Remember I right? Marcel you talked with David and it't the only official forum right. Or aren't we allowed to be called the one and only? :D

    I wish that we grow.. I think it's a bit little in here.. But on the other hand I loved the intimate discussions of us ;) But because of David's 400,000 likes on FB, YouTube and co. I think there are some more crazy grayheads outside that we could reach and who could make the forum richer.

    I would love to take part and get involved Marcel, Rena.. In two weeks I finish the school and then I have time..

    But of course - first of all I would love to hear all the thoughts about some advertisement from all here :)

    Best regards

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  2. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Hi John,

    thanks for doing that. It really is one of the effective means of advertising the forum. Quite a few of our members are promoting the forum on various social platforms with great success.

    So we are asking all of you to keep on mentioning this place here . The more members the more the input and contributions.

    As I have always said - the forum is what we make it.
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  3. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Hi John and all,

    I did notice your promotional efforts, thanks a lot for doing that ! :D
    It does help, as Rena said we have quite a few members supporting and promoting the forum in various ways on various platforms.
    Especially while tours are going it gives us more new members, and we also see old members coming back. As the old forum was closed within a week, some people never came back but most of the usual suspects (?!:rolleyes:) found us right here...
    For all of you, things that do help...

    • Mentioning us and linking our site on other websites and forums
    • Become a member of our Facebook page and like or create posts/responding to them.
    • Follow and mention @DavidGrayForum on Twitter
    • Do searches on search engines (google/bing) and make sure to click only our link ;)
    • Mention our forum to other Grayheads whilst talking to them around gigs and events

    Just to make sure you all know who we are, we are a forum for all fans of David Gray and we have no formal relationship with David or his management. We are filling the gap that was left after closing the old forums. We believe that social media play a huge role but do not offer functionality to discuss and respond like a forum can do. Look at the reactions on Facebook, 99% of the response is simply asking David to play in some town far away... :mad:
    I will contact you John to see if there is someway you can help us even more, for now thanks a lot for promoting this forum :cigar:

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