April 24, 2014 Wilshire Ebell Theatre, LA, CA

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  1. davidcotyalex

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    all discussion for the tour opener here!
  2. tony

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    its too quiet... LA where are you?
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  3. davidcotyalex

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    dooood la is too cool to demean on the dg forum man.......i mean seriously?!
  4. Seneca

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    I'm curious to see the reports from LA within the next couple days. Yes, DCA, I've basically already thrown in the towel on holding myself back from checking out set lists o_O
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  5. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    haha we'll wring it out one way or the other.......i got no one in la but sf :)
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  6. Lara

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    I'm already checking out the LA thread to look for clues on what to expect in SF...ha!
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  7. RosalieEP

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    Anyone going tonight??
  8. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Are you kidding?!? This show is practically in my backyard compared to the recent tours. I am in! Hope everyone else going has a great time! I for one am so excited I can hardly stand it!:)
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  9. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    haha of course! enjoy and looking forward to the review.......you going east?
  10. Lara

    Lara Member Grayhead

    Great, wolfie! Are you going to SF? If so, look for me in the 3rd row a little left of center (p.s....I'm miralake from the old site, and we talked a little in Vegas :)), I'd love to see you!
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  11. Seneca

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    I look forward to hearing all about it, wolfie! :D
  12. Kari

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    Have a wonderful time wolfie. I hope the first shows goes off smoothly and everyone has a great time. Looking forward to hearing the reviews. 3 more days for us here in the seattle area and we all can't wait.
  13. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Thanks guys! I still hope some more people post about the show tonight. Lara, I would love to see you, too! Unfortunately, though, I will not be in SF (barring a last minute change of plans, which is unlikely). Hopefully next tour we will get a chance to catch up. I am so happy you get SF tomorrow and I can't wait to read all about it! DCA, yes. :) It doesn't seem possible that DG is really here and there is a little tour starting tonight. So happy about this and so happy for all those going. !!!!!!!
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  14. Tinab

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    Can't wait to hear from you Wolfie! Have fun for all of us tonight. So excited! :eek:
  15. Eileen

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    Yes, Wolfie I had my fingers X'd you'd be there!:joyful:
  16. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    Can't wait to hear all about it. Have a great time, Wolfie! (And any others who are lurking and might feel compelled to post after the show!)
  17. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Set List for LA (April 24, 2014):




    Back In the World

    As the Crow Flies


    Last Summer

    Beautiful Agony

    Snow in Vegas

    Girl Like You

    Birds of the High Arctic

    Shine (DG, solo)





    Sail Away



    Laughing Gas

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  18. ak11

    ak11 Well-Known Grayhead

    Thank you! What is this if not the new tour album?! Can't wait to hear more thoughts on the songs!
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  19. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Mmm, I have so many thoughts racing through my mind right now. Some I can put down here tonight and some I may have to digest a bit and post tomorrow.

    First, I have to say I am so glad I came to LA tonight. To be able to hear the first performance of the new album its entirety was really a treat. I hope everyone there realizes how lucky they were. I know I do!! Somebody pinch me! I overheard some people talking outside after the show and they seemed a little put off by David lumping the new album all together at the start of the show instead of mixing in some new with some old. I can see their point, but I feel like it had to be done, especially tonight. It was kind of a "here it is!" coming out party for the new album. He put it out there and boy did it overwhelm me to hear it all, one right after the other.

    Second, I just saw ak's post above as I was typing this and he is absolutely right. This was night #1 of the new album tour. This tour is NOT a continuation of Ireland and London. I didn't really think it would be, especially because of the presence of Keith/drums. That alone changes the sound so drastically from what I heard in Ireland and London. Tonight was much louder, more rocking, different! than anything I heard on the Sounding Out tour. DG has been saying that this is the first Mutineers tour and that it is!

    Thoughts on a few of the songs. The Incredible sounded so different to me tonight than it sounded in Ireland. I know that doesn't mean anything to those who didn't hear that version, but it surprised me. Back in the World, which I love, didn't have the punch for me tonight that I thought it would live. Maybe that's because I've listened to it so many times already. lol. Mutineers has a really good build up. I know some people were saying they thought BITW was missing that element. Last Summer is a love song - slower and with a nice feature of the cello. Beautiful Agony was not one of my favorites. Right at the start of the song some of the musicians were twirling these colorful noodle/floppy stick things in the air which was odd and maybe distracted me a bit. Snow in Vegas sounded so different tonight from how it did a few years ago. I love the other version (from Vegas/Louisville/etc. if you remember the vids from those two). Tonight it sounded almost country or something. DG was on guitar instead of piano. I was stunned at how different it sounded. So for those who didn't like it so much before maybe you will like this version better! Girl Like You is up tempo and has this otherworldly sound from Caroline going on. I liked this one. Birds of the High Arctic was my favorite of the new songs I hadn't heard before. I loved it. I just kept saying "oh my gosh...!!!" to myself. Guys, sorry for the randomness of my comments. I really was very overwhelmed hearing everything tonight.

    Rest of the set went over very well with the crowd. I would have liked another old song (in addition to Shine) but the choices for the post-new album part of the night were solid. The crowd stood at the end of the first set and remained standing for the encore, which was surprising and great and very fun for me. Some lady cradling a dog in her arms came to stand in front of the stage for the encore. Just when you think you've seen it all at a David Gray concert (of course this was LA!)....Anyway, great debut for the new album. Now I just wish I had it to listen to right now!!
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    WP_20140424_20_51_30_Pro.jpg WP_20140424_21_57_00_Pro.jpg WP_20140424_22_27_26_Pro.jpg
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