April 25, 2014 Palace of Fine Arts, SF, CA

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  1. Rhi

    Rhi New Grayhead

    The show was really fun! Not sure even where to start. Agree with everything Lara said above. Loved the rework of Nemesis- so good! They played our favorites: Shine and The One I Love. It was wonderful to hear those live. Caroline added so much depth to the music. The crowd was very quiet, which made the things people shouted out to be really funny. After TOIL someone shouted "That was really good David!" Made everyone laugh. I like the new songs so much more after hearing them live. The new songs have a lot going on which make them sound very rich, I need to really listen again to see if the depth of the lyrics match.

    I am hoping more videos pop up. Was wanting to hear everything again to listen for the subtleties I missed the first time around. I liked the new sound, but my favorite by far was Shine, when it was just David and his guitar. I also really liked when it was just three of them playing- lights up a little, no background movie, just letting the music speak for itself.
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  2. Rhi

    Rhi New Grayhead

    When he was seated at the piano, he was in profile to the audience, with his back to Caroline.
  3. Seneca

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    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts Lara. I'll wait until I see for myself, but I have a feeling I'll agree with you on having so many people on stage during the performance- I also tend to prefer the solo songs. Speaking of which, that's a great recording of Shine!! And, of course, I'm as thrilled as ever to hear the new songs. Birds of the High Arctic sounds especially promising, from what you and Wolfie have posted.
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  4. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Rhi, thanks and thank you for your review. Sounds like you really liked the show. Now that you've attended your first DG show I bet there will be lots more, right?!? :) Thank you, again.
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  5. Eileen

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    I loved reading your review this morning. Sounds like you had a great show. I'm only slightly jealous that Kari & I weren't there. Timing for both of us was off~don't you hate it when that happens. BUT tomorrow night we will be in Tacoma (of all places) it's only 15 miles south of where we live.
    I personalty was thrilled to read your comments of Cake. I have to admit, not my fav from the vid we saw earlier. Something inside of me is saying hold on, that's a song that will grow on me. Now I really hope we hear it.:joyful:
    Now I only have to make it through today. Good to hear from you Lara :happy:
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  6. Eileen

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    Thanks for the review Rhi. I'm looking forward to the show tomorrow. Hoping to get some vid's as well. BTW welcome to the DG Forum:joyful::joyful:
  7. Eileen

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  8. Lara

    Lara Member Grayhead

    Have a great time Eileen! I know you will. BITW, Cake and Mutineers are definitely meant to be heard LIVE! And when he plays Birds of the High Arctic, be patient in the beginning...it turns into something very special. You're going to love it. Have a blast, be safe, don't get too crazy, and let us know how it goes ;)

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  9. Eileen

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    I totally love him acoustic. True, Rich, Pure.
  10. Lara

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    Btw...this Tapatalk App is super-duper! :)
    Good one Marcel!

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  11. Eileen

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    Thanks sweetie, my crazy days are slowing down. But the girlie in me is ALIVE ! You'll be hearing from me ! Yes indeed. :kiss:
  12. s06

    s06 New Grayhead

    Wow, nice reviews, everyone! It's interesting to hear how different audiences can be, some quiet, some boisterous.

    I'm enjoying the videos a lot, especially the new song, "Mutineers." I've realized that I prefer hearing David Gray and his band play live; after hearing "Gulls" for the first time on South Wind Blows and Other Voices, which gave me goosebumps from David's powerful voice, the CD version just felt like a pale imitation, to me, sadly.

    I don't know; maybe the CD version will grow on me. At first, I felt a little disappointed by the first two "Mutineers" CD versions, because I missed David's poetic, storytelling songs that were like fun brain-teasers for me, trying to figure out the meaning behind the lyrics. Then, I heard the live version of the song "Mutineers," on Youtube, kept hearing it in my head throughout the day, and felt that this meant I'd end up liking the new songs, after all, even if they weren't as poetic as some of his previous songs.

    I end up liking different songs of David's at different times- sometimes I feel like hearing one of his slow, melancholy songs, then, at other times, I feel like listening to one of his fast, rock-tempo songs. That's one of the things that I like about David Gray's music- a song that I initially wasn't crazy about or didn't understand, eventually ends up being a song that become another one of my favorites.

    Oh, David played "Falling Down the Mountainside"? I like that one- such a sad, heartfelt song.
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  13. Seneca

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    I'm curious, did the entire band stay on the stage for the entire show (apart from Shine)? Or did it ever get stripped down to just David+1/2?
  14. iamseanharrison

    iamseanharrison Member Grayhead

    Here's a pretty intense version of Nemesis from Friday night:

    And also Sail Away:

    Patiently hoping that more of the new material appears over the coming days. :)

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  15. Seneca

    Seneca Active Grayhead

    Great videos!!! Thank you for sharing!

    Each day I get a little more excited!!!!
  16. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Ah, the eternal sitting vs. standing debate. My personal preference is to stand at a DG show. I didn't mind sitting during the Lost and Found tour or the Sounding Out tour, because to me those were primarily "listening" tours. However, during most of the tours I find the setlists and DG/band energy to be totally conducive to and even welcoming of the crowd energy that standing (and dancing, if one is so inclined) provides. If I am at a seated venue and the people around me stand, I stand, too, and am thrilled to do so. If I am at a seated venue and the crowd remains seated, I will stand up to applaud and then usually sit right back down if everyone around me is still sitting. I will admit to occasionally standing even if no one else does, but only if no one asks/yells at me to sit down and only during a standing-appropriate tour. Sometimes people don't mind other people standing even if they are sitting - maybe because they recognize the standers mean no harm. But yes, definite preference for standing for me!
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  17. wildhope

    wildhope Member Grayhead

    My original post had been removed wolfie :p

    Hi by the way

    I do prefer to stand too to have a dance, however it was the continental difference (US v UK/Europe) of standing on the front row of a seated gig that would have been slightly annoying for the people behind.

    Just a mere observation.

    Thanks for your posts. I've enjoyed reading them :)
  18. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    The standing couple that can be seen in the Nemesis video inspired a new topic. Please note that I have moved the standing vs sitting discussion to a new thread. You can find it right here.

    Since my post has been moved too: Thank you so much for posting that video of Nemesis. So beautiful. This still is my favourite song of all time. And what an energetic and intense rendition this is.
  19. wildhope

    wildhope Member Grayhead

    Thanks Rena

    I wondered where it had gone :)

    An interesting, topical debate will be had, I'm sure.
  20. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Oops, maybe my reply will be moved, too. Sorry about that! Hi back to you wildhope and thanks for the kinds words. :)

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