April 27, 2014 Pantage Theatre, Tacoma, WA

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  1. Seneca

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    That's quite alright! I look forward to enjoying them tomorrow night
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  2. Marcel

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    I loved the little video clips ! Thanks for posting ;)

    Birds of the High Arctic sounds very interesting, combined with Wolfies words that makes it one to look out for...
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  3. carmel59

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    My Cake and Eat It sounds even more fun that when I first heard it!!
  4. Tinab

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    Just a nice little taste.....
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  5. Eileen

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    I had good intentions to get something posted earlier about the show that I've seen. We got a chance to share this fun night with friends we've made from this site, it made it much more special. I think I just wanted to keep reliving the concert on my terms.
    Let me begin by saying " Welcome Back Mr. Gray". I felt, and I think all people around me felt we were given the warmest and totally genuine performance I've ever seen. Coming on stage, we knew we were in for a special night. He was aggressive and ready to perform. The new songs are amazing. Kari and I both agree it sort of felt like he was' back home' again. His haunting voice, with sincerity and confidence so strong. The folks in Tacoma were totally supporting him. The quite songs were sung with not a word from anyone but David. He played to us, all of us, on our feet, wanting more, more, more, and he delivered ! He is the most talented singer-songwriter today. He continues his enthusiasm and passion for performing and was totally ' in the moment'. Thank you David ! Thank you Keith, Tim, and Robbie. Thank you Caroline! John Smith I wish I could have heard more from you. My only regret is that I can't travel and see him again at the rest of the US shows. Those of you waiting to see him are in for a very special treat.
    Enjoy !
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  6. Eileen

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    Best time ever girlfriend. And Anna in the same row on the other side of the venue, it was great that you were able to 'slide on over' and join in on all the fun! I totally agree on Birds of the High Arctic. !! You have to experience it in person, I hope you all do :joyful:!
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  7. wolfie

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    Yes, of course, so nice to meet Anna! And so very fortunate we were that we able to move over a bit more to the center. So happy we were on that side of the audience (dancing! - when appropriate, of course). Fugitive and TOIL are really rocking this tour and the energy onstage is contagious. And Kathleen with Niamh and that extended ending is just lovely.

    On Snow in Vegas, I don't meant to make too much of the country thing. It's just how the beginning sounds to my ears. But it's probably just me picking up on something that isn't there. It happens. My bigger issue is really that this song doesn't speak to me now like it did before. And that's saying something because I LOVED it from moment one. I miss David on the piano. I miss its sweet simplicity. Oh well, guess I got attached too prematurely to a work in progress.

    Birds of the High Arctic... I'm already obsessed with it. I don't tape but darn it if I'm not going to have to tape this one because I don't know if I can go a day without hearing it.

    I cannot reiterate enough what I said after night one about how brave I think David is for coming out and doing this new stuff at this time and in this way. And I love hearing the huge applause for all of it. Totally well deserved and well earned. Very exciting times.
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  8. iamseanharrison

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    More results of internet scouring :)

    For those avoiding the new tracks, look away now...

    Thanks for the YouTube uploads 'kariminns'

    A rocking 'Mutineers':

    This is 'Last Summer' I think.

    More to follow

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  9. iamseanharrison

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    'Beautiful Agony'

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  10. Seneca

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    Thanks a ton for sharing. Last Summer stuck out the other night for me, and it's nice to see a recording of it cropping up! Look forward to seeing/hearing more.

    ETA: That's a lot of tongue! haha
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  11. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Short clip of Cake from @Kari

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  12. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Girl like you, with regards from our @Kari .. just spoke to her on FB she said go ahead and post...

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  13. iamseanharrison

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    Oops I feel bad now I should have asked first :(

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  14. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    No worries there, it is publicly available but I knew who posted so that is why I asked her...

    And you did mention her, so there you go. Just told her she is doing us a massive favor and we love her for that, well done !
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  15. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Ah, I was wondering when these were going to pop up. Nice job, Kari. :)

    Edit... just watched the bit you got of the end of Birds of the High Arctic... wow.
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  16. iamseanharrison

    iamseanharrison Member Grayhead

    Yep she is making our day! These sound awesome!

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  17. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks to these video's I can now say this album will indeed be brilliant !

    And such great tunes to play live, wow I am really impressed
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  18. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    We nearly missed the best one.... Birds of the High Arctic :)
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  19. RosalieEP

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    @Kari, I'm only halfway through these videos, but I could just kiss you right now!
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  20. Kari

    Kari Member Grayhead

    Sorry for the long delay in downloading the videos , pics and review. I had to leave for a few days for work so trying to fit this all in now.
    Well I was going to share the videos I took but looks like we have some amazing people on this board with quick fingers :p
    I apologize for the poor quality in video and the shaky bits. but as you know the venues were very stricked on video so I sat my camera on my knee taking video as I was watching the show like nothing here to see...no video going on in this seat lol and just hoped for the best.
    Before the show I had only listened to one song all the way through.I wanted this to all be a surprise. What I didn't know was how surprised and taken back I would be.
    From the moment David sang his first few words I felt like I was home again. I sat there hearing those songs soar to me for the first time live with my eyes wide open, goosebumps head to toe, heart racing, mind blown away and tears swelling in my eyes at how beautiful each and every song was. And the thought of how proud David must be and the band members involved made me cry even more. You can tell he put more heart and soul and gritt into this album than he has ever before. The songs tell the most amazing beautiful story. The moment the songs start they just keep building and building with momentum until its over and you feel as if all the breath has been taken out of you. It's a very romantic powerful album but in a different light than his others.
    David came out strong swearing up a storm at people to sit down :rolleyes: and I think some of that aggression passed over to his show because D*m if he didn't sing his whole heart out. I mean veins popping, sweat flying, teeth grinding, unbelievable night. the later half of the show not one person was sitting down, the crowd went insane for David..i mean absolute mental insanity and the energy couldn't have been higher.
    The band was just in top form Tim was all smiles the whole night watching the crowd sink their teeth into the new music, Caroline...stunning as always, Robbie was great playing many different instruments and seeing him on the piano for the first time was a nice surprise. John Smith, David Kitt and the back up singer (sorry her name slipped my mind) added that extra touch...although..and don't get mad at me...i really missed Neill MacColls work on stage ;).. and Keith wow was his drumming over the top sensational. my water bottle was shaking from the deep sound of his drums. At one point I saw him stop, shake his head, take a few deep breaths and laugh...he was giving it more than his all.
    As far as David what can I say that every one else hasn't said. He was beyond words.I have seen David perform more than 50 shows but I have never seen him dig so deep inside himself at a show before. His singing and song writing is some, if not, the best I have ever heard. I keep thinking with the end of an album...there is no way David will top this.... and this album to me is some of the best work he has ever done .SPECTACULAR.
    Thanks to the whole band and crew for giving us the most amazing show, all your hard work despite getting in late and having very little rehearsal time :confused:.
    Thanks Eileen for getting us to the show on time!!! Anna was so happy to see you again and have you right next to us. And the big surprise Melissa (wolfie) for some how our seats being right next to each other :D Happy Birthday to you, was the greatest being able to experience the show with you, the passion for his music, the dancing, all in all fantastic night.xxx
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