April 29, 2014 Lincoln Theatre, Washington DC

Discussion in '2014 April/May - USA and Canada' started by davidcotyalex, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    please post here all thoughts / comments / hopes and dreams / etc etc for this show
  2. Seneca

    Seneca Active Grayhead

    hopes and dreams? hmm….

    How's this for a dream setlist?

    Last Boat
    Birds Without Wings
    Gathering Dust
    The Rice
    L's Song
    Falling Free
    The Light
    The Mystery of Love
    Be Mine
    Falling Down the Mountainside
    (other new song)
    (other new song)
    (other new song)
    Please Forgive Me

    Sail Away
    Disappearing World
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  3. JackieJo

    JackieJo Active Grayhead

    I for one hope to hear The Incredible....
  4. JackieJo

    JackieJo Active Grayhead

    Hoping to meet up with some back door peep! Any takers?
  5. TheConcertMan

    TheConcertMan New Grayhead

    I really really really want to hear Gathering Dust. It's one of my favorite David Gray songs. The last time I saw him at the Strathmore Music Center in North Bethesda, MD it was on his setlist but he never played it.

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  6. HB in VA

    HB in VA Member Grayhead

    Can't wait for this show! It will be #10 for me!
  7. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Okay, it's past midnight in DC. That means this show is now officially tonight. Seneca, I know you've been resisting hearing the new music. How exciting it will sound to your ears. I cannot wait to read about your impressions of the night. HB in VA - congratulations on your 10th. Here's to many, many more! JackieJo, TheConcertMan and everyone else going - enjoy yourselves and the beautiful, beautiful music!
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  8. Seneca

    Seneca Active Grayhead

    Thank you dearly, wolfie! It's going to be Incredible! (+about 19 other songs)
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  9. HB in VA

    HB in VA Member Grayhead

    I will be so unproductive at work today! I'll constantly be looking at my watch.
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  10. DogearedCarrie

    DogearedCarrie Member Grayhead

    I'm another one who has resisted the new stuff online so I can hear it live for the first time. I'm so excited - I remember loving the show David did at the 9:30 Club before LISM came out, introducing the new stuff to the world.

    Has anyone been stage door-ing this tour?
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  11. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    I wish everyone a magical evening! Can't wait to hear all about it. This was one I considered, so it stings a bit. Have fun for me! :)
  12. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Carrie - that 9:30 Club show was sooo good! You're gonna love it tonight. I think the stage door thing is what JackieJo was asking about so go for it.

    Aw, Rosalie... you'll be there in spirit. Hang in there!
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  13. Lara

    Lara Member Grayhead

    I love your dream setlist Seneca! Dreamers unite!! :)

    Have a great time tonight everyone...JackieJo you should definitely do the stage-door thingy, seems like he's gotten off the hook so far this tour as I haven't seen any pics surface. I nominate you to be the official DavidGrayForum Fan-atic Representative, and gush all of our adoration onto him. You seem like a levelheaded enough person to maintain composure during such an event :)

    Have a blast everyone!
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  14. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    interestingly josiah johnson said his favorite indoor venue is the 930 club............
  15. HB in VA

    HB in VA Member Grayhead

    In our seats and ready to go!!
  16. Tinab

    Tinab Member Grayhead

    Have a blast tonight guys!
  17. HB in VA

    HB in VA Member Grayhead

    Wife and I had an amazing time as always! Will post more tomorrow. Long drive ahead. Oh...and I have a man crush on John Smith :)
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  18. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Ha too funny. I totally get the crush on John Smith!! Tonight was probably the best of the ones I have been to this tour. David was on fire!! Going to try to post the set list before my train comes. Bear with me...
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  19. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead




    Back in the World

    As the Crow Flies


    Last Summer

    Snow in Vegas

    Beautiful Agony

    Girl Like You

    Birds of the High Arctic

    Shine (solo)

    Mountainside (solo)


    Ain't No Love




    Sail Away



    Laughing Gas

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  20. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    huh................going to be so different

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