April 29, 2014 Lincoln Theatre, Washington DC

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  1. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Ooh, I am so excited to read what everyone thought of the show tonight! So surprised to get Ain't No Love! Bonus!!

    At least by me they were very strict - no videotaping allowed - so not sure what will surface from this show but it was a good one. No, it was a great one!

    Have to say this was the first show where I've had John Smith as the opener and I enjoyed his set so much! He is talented, funny, nice - the whole package. Great addition to this tour!

    Carrie, it was wonderful to get to see you, again, and to meet your husband. I hope you loved the show and I hope to see you again soon!

    Okay, since everyone is probably driving home I will be patient but really eager to read the reviews!
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  2. DarinCMU

    DarinCMU New Grayhead

    I snagged a few things posted here:

    Apologies for the shifting around - I was in the second row and security kept walking back and forth the entire show.
    The Incredible (most of the "oh crap" shifting around was during this song)
    Back In The World

    I wish I had gotten a few of the others, but at that point, I just wanted to enjoy the show! I love that they have a full band - the full "choir" moments were amazing.

    I have no idea why I encoded 2 WMAs and 1 M4A... it's late. These are technically sourced from huge *** videos, but they're sometimes of my pants, the seat, and/or the back of two guys' heads. You can see David a little bit... but it's really only the audio that's worth your time, so hope you enjoy it somewhat!
  3. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for posting these !

    Just listening to BITW, love it with the live drums etc.. Keith getting back in shape :p

    And sounds like a perfect night, makes me feel very happy to see people coming back here to report back and share the experience, wow !

    Cheers :)
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  4. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    Look forward to hearing those recordings as soon as I'm able to! Thank you for posting them! Glad it was a good show!
  5. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Cake and The Incredible have quite a different sound than in Ireland, mainly because of the added drums but also in tempo a bit.. I might find them slightly too harmonic, still really good and thanks so much again for posting these !
  6. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Marcel, yes to the different sound than in Ireland! And totally agree with you on Keith on BITW!

    Very nice, Darin, on getting some stuff from the show. Security was tough down there! I wanted to get Birds of the High Arctic but I was on the end of the aisle and I didn't want to risk getting in trouble. :blackeye:

    Can't wait for everyone's thoughts on the show. :nailbiting:
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  7. DarinCMU

    DarinCMU New Grayhead

    I guess I didn't give my thoughts - obviously I loved the show. Getting Ain't No Love randomly was fantastic, and Kathleen is always a favorite for me. I especially love the way Keith has put all his little flourishes into it.

    I can definitely say I'm extremely excited for the new album. The majority of the new songs were great to hear.
    High Arctic's ending was just as epic as people were saying, and I thought Back In The World sounded better live. The standouts for me were The Incredible and Girl Like You.

    I think I have to agree with some folks who say Snow in Vegas is pretty underwhelming.

    Anyway, I'm a huge fan of the fact that he brought a huge band with him. The "choir" on all the various songs blew me away. I assume John Smith was the guy standing on the far right? He seemed to hold his own, though I thought a couple of his solos were a little weak. That being said, I thought his opening set was pretty good.
  8. DogearedCarrie

    DogearedCarrie Member Grayhead

    I loved loved loved this show!

    John Smith was pretty good, and very funny!

    David was amazing! Having not listened to the new stuff (except for the "Gulls" video) before last night, I was happily impressed by it. I saw someone on Twitter say, "It was like listening to your greatest hits, except I didn't know a single song."

    I have to admit that I didn't like "Gulls" when I initially heard it via the video he released, but I loved it live. I hope I don't have that reaction to the whole cd. :eek:

    Wolfie, it was wonderful to see you again! I realized last night that David playing TYL does serve a purpose - it's a great time for a bathroom break! The bathroom is empty, so I can run and get back without missing anything I want to hear.
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  9. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    or babylon ;)
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  10. DogearedCarrie

    DogearedCarrie Member Grayhead

    Ha! True!

    I noticed some ladies trying to dance in the aisle last night and being turned back to their seats. I wish we could have a section reserved just for the people who want to dance, like a side box or something. I chair danced and eventually stood and danced and no one gave me any grief for it. But still...
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  11. TheConcertMan

    TheConcertMan New Grayhead

    I'm sorry but this was the worst DG performance that I have ever witnessed. I blame the DC crowd. Musicians thrive off of the energy from the crowd and it just wasn't there last night. And when people tried to get up and enjoy the music and give back some energy they were treated like they were being politically incorrect. Not trying to rain on anybody's parade here and I'm a huge DG fan but this show was for the birds. I never realized until last night how many songs he sings that has to do with birds. The people in DC need to wake up and get up. The show at the Strathmore in Bethesda 2 or 3 years ago was much better but even at that show the DC drones were a buzz kill. I'll be sharing some photos later. Oh BTW where is/was DG's right hand man...the other older guitar player dude? He was awesome and without him I feel that a big piece of the puzzle was missing.

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  12. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    Neill has been absent in both Ireland and this tour...........haven't asked why

    interesting on DC and bummer...............I seem to recall similar experiences

    have to think tonight should be pumped up..............and boston am not worried about at all!!! :p
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  13. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Wow, interesting that you didn't like the show,Concertman. The crowd wasn't the best but I've seen much worse. It seemed to me last night that David was very pumped and brought his own energy. It really seems like he and the band are hitting their stride with the new music and each show is better and better. I thought security was over the top strict and that affected the crowd. I wish the dancing had started a bit sooner by me but I danced in my seat until it was cool to get to my feet (ie others down in front finally stood). They did play every song on the set list which was a lot of songs. I took that as a sign that David was feeling it. I don't know, he was joking around and smiling a lot. Anyway, I loved it! But sorry you had a different experience.
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  14. DogearedCarrie

    DogearedCarrie Member Grayhead

    The DC crowds at David Gray concerts have a history of being lame. If the old boards still existed, you could see the next-morning discussions about about them. I wonder if we're an area of people that think a seat = quiet, since I feel like the crowds are very different when you attend a seatless show at something like 9:30 Club.

    That being said, I thought it was a decent crowd compared to past experiences in the area. I'm sorry you had such a negative experience, TheConcertMan. I felt the same as Wolfie - I thought David and his band had a lot of energy and were enjoying it. I've seen past shows here where the crowd was so subdued, David may as well have had a wall up between the stage and the audience.

    Also, the amount of bird songs he has hit me last night, too!
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  15. Seneca

    Seneca Active Grayhead

    Hey all! I'm pretty exhausted right now, as I had to make the drive back from DC after the show last night (about 4 and a half hours). I'd like to share a few thoughts with you guys though, so here we go!

    First, on the audience… I'd agree with wolfie, for the most part. The audience wasn't great by any stretch of the imagination, but I've definitely seen worse. And I would also agree that it didn't seem to impede David's energy on stage.

    I arrived to my seat about halfway through John Smith's performance, and was pleasantly surprised with him. His voice reminds me a bit of Ray LaMontagne, and thats a good thing! The last song, Winter, was by far my favorite of his, as it felt the most unique. Lyrically, I wasn't really feeling it all that much, but on the whole I thought he was a very solid opener (and better than the last two openers I've seen for DG shows).

    Now, on to our man. I cannot emphasize enough how much I enjoyed Gulls. When I first saw videos of it cropping up on youtube, I wasn't that impressed. Since the studio version was released, however, I have grown to enjoy it much more, and I thought he nailed it last night. I had some serious shivers running down my spine on the "oh baby, trynna recognize it in my mind…" Great start to the night! In enjoyed the Incredible, but honestly right now it's feeling more like the Forgettable. No slight against the song, as I do think it will be a great addition to the record, it's just that coming earlier in the set I don't remember too much from it.

    Cake was nice and fun, while it lasted. Still, I've never been that big a fan, and last night didn't changed my mind on that. Back in the World was also good, but nothing too earth shattering (same as the studio release). Looking back, I think it would have made for a good opening song, given the lyrics. I won't complain though, because Gulls started the night off excellently. Of the rest of the new songs, I have three categories: going to need more listens because there was too much going on up there for me to properly absorb it all last night (Mutineers); didn't do much for me (Beautiful Agony); and big fan of right off the bat, hopefully into the future as well (As the Crow Flies, Last Summer, Snow in Vegas, Girl Like You, and Birds of the High Arctic). Maybe it was because I went in with relatively low expectations, but I was surprised to really enjoy Snow in Vegas. I'm talking significantly more than the first time I heard it. Maybe it's because I felt the guitar-driven version to be more suited for a live setting, I'm not entirely sure. Last Summer was a great little love song, and I can't wait to hear it on the record so that I can get those lyrics down. As the Crow Flies also struck me, but similar to the Incredible I'm having a bit of a hard time putting my finger on why. My second favorite of all was Girl Like You. I sensed a vague electronic influence and production that reminded me a little bit of something off of ANDAM or LISM. Now, Birds of the High Arctic… wow. Do I need to say anything about this one? I'm so very happy that I didn't check out the video that was posted here last week, because this really was a great song to hear live for the first time. Also, I remember reading a bit from people along the lines of hang in there in the beginning because once it gets going its amazing (edit, maybe that was actually for Mutineers that people were saying that), so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it wasn't just the end, but the whole piece that was amazing. A great build up, very special vocal performance, and excellent dynamics. Truly a journey, and a very fitting closer for the new material.

    Once everyone left the stage my anticipation for Shine just about erupted through the roof. Just David and his guitar- the best thing I could possibly ask for. I did enjoy the large band, particularly for the performance of the new songs, but at the end of the day there is nothing more enjoyable for me than that performance of Shine. It so perfectly captures everything I love about David Gray. It's just a man wielding his guitar, powerful voice, captivating lyricism, and truly uninhibited emotion. It's impossible for me to articulate the importance of that song, and his performance of it, in my life... Falling Down the Mountainside was also incredible, in part because it's not played very often and in part because of the aforementioned solo component.

    Herein lies my conundrum: I feel like I reached the peak with the performance of Shine, following up the new material, and then it was all down the mountainside from there. That's not to say that his performance let up in any way (although I imagine it's pretty daunting, and by extension exhausting, to start the night with a bunch of new songs that no one has heard of), only that it couldn't really get any better for me at that point. The new material, with Birds of the High Arctic ending like it did, and then the solo SHINE?!?!? It was incredibly cathartic for me, and I don't know that he could have possibly kept me that high for the rest of the evening. I suppose he could have, but it would have required some Last Boat, Freedom, Disappearing World, L's Song and The Light action, and I knew that wasn't going to happen. Which brings me to another point, knowing what was going to come wrecked the momentum a bit for me, as my anticipation almost entirely evaporated. Of course, that's my fault for looking at the set lists before hand, but oh well. And even still, Ain't No Love was a fantastic surprise, and definitely the highlight of the post-Shine segment of the show. Kathleen, Laughing Gas, and Nemesis were also all very nice. However, it wasn't all so rosy. I realized last night that I don't particularly want to hear This Year's Love again in a live setting. It's a great song, no doubt. But it almost inevitably reminds me of David's other softer romantic pieces that I like so much more (Falling Free, the Mystery of Love, and Last Boat come to mind). And hearing TYL again and again, as good as it is, ultimately only serves as a reminder that I'm likely never going to hear The Mystery of Love in a live setting- so pretty major buzzkill. Babylon and Sail away are not quite on that level yet, as I still really enjoy them, but I sensed that that's the direction they're headed. As for Fugitive and TOIL, they make for very good and high energy songs, so no complaints. I'd just reiterate again, though, that knowing they were coming did detract a little bit from my energy.

    That's about all I have to say on the night. If you made it this far, and read all of my jumbled and sleep-deprived musings, then props to you :)
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  16. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Seneca, I have been checking this thread all morning waiting for your post! I read every word. Great review!! Thank you so much for taking the time to post it, despite your exhaustion.
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  17. Seneca

    Seneca Active Grayhead

    I learned how to review a concert from reading all of yours. ;)
  18. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    I was waiting for your post too, Seneca, as I knew it'd be good! Loved every word! I hope you didn't have too much trouble getting back home. We were all huddled in a bathroom with what the weatherman called a "mesocyclone" passing overhead in the wee hours of the morning.

    I can not wait to hear Birds of the High Arctic! Nothing but positive things, and as described, it sounds right up my alley. I need to hear it!

    As for the number of bird songs, I love it. I'm a bit of a bird/nature geek, so I love knowing David is the same way. :bucktooth:
  19. Seneca

    Seneca Active Grayhead

    I heard all about the tornado warnings and what-not this morning! I hope there wasn't any serious destruction :eek:

    And yes, I do believe that Birds of the High Arctic will be a highlight for most DG fans. It's got a sort of ethereal/otherworldly quality to it that feels vaguely reminiscent of "Slow Motion", in regards to production and the soaring vocals, yet it's still very unique.
  20. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Oh, Seneca... Ha! :rolleyes: ;)

    Your take on Gulls is interesting. I prefer it the way I heard it in Ireland as opposed to the album version. But I am liking it live on this tour very much. Last Summer is one I am enjoying more and more. Caroline is just haunting on that one. Glad you enjoyed Snow In Vegas. I'm still not a fan of this version vs. the old on-the-piano version. I agree with you that Bids of the High Arctic is amazing through and through, start to finish. Instant favorite for me. So glad you loved it!

    Yeah, as was discussed it's sometimes problematic to look at set lists because they "spoil" one too much for what is to come. I guess the answer for you next time is no looking at set lists before your show!

    I am really liking how David is doing the new album, then circling back to the beginning with songs like Shine and finally closing it out with fan faves. I feel the same on TYL but I do realize that many there are hearing it for the first time so I just go with it. I know there are so many songs you are dreaming to hear live, though, and I do hope your dreams come true one day.

    Thanks, again, for your review!

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