April 29, 2014 Lincoln Theatre, Washington DC

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    Yeah, I agree with the "not new songs" on the setlist points --- while they are lovely (and somewhat redundant) for us, there are many more people 'back in the world' (haha, pun) who haven't been out to hear his music live yet. In fact, I can imagine those people specifically after hearing TYL/Babylon/Sail Away saying, "OH!! HE wrote that song?! THIS GUY?! Hell yeah!!" ... Like everyone I know.... And better yet, even I am getting tired of Babylon - THE song that inspired me to do anything musical for pleasure (reppin' it oldschool in my gigs since 2002).

    It makes sense - do a promo tour (like the LISM tour in early 2005)...dump a lot of new music, and then drop the singles that "everyone" knows and loves...or depending on your view, covering his musical bases for the lesser exposed fans.

    Needless to say, I'm sure he wants to be bringing in more new fans to the actual tour in a few months! According to everyone whose heard this new music, it's pretty freakin awesome!!

    So beyond that, the reviews are fantastic. I'm glad everyone's digging the new stuff! If there's a new setlist that i'm excited for this year, it would be the list for the official Mutineers tour.

    But let's not ignore the excitement for Boston and the second coming of the world-famous Grayheads.
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    hahaha strong fox very strong! see ya sat dooood!
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    Thanks for the setlist and all the awesome reviews!

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    Thank you very much for your great review @Seneca !

    I can see most of us here are not waiting for TYL, and although I feel exactly the same (..) it is the most popular song on most platforms, and I am sure most of the "general" audience might be looking for that one.... :confused:

    I am kinda surprised he sticks with the "play the whole album" idea... But it is a good thing, and shows he is more certain about the material than before... :happy:

    The staff at the venue has been rather "successful" as I do not see any new videos... ah well..

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    I just tried guitar tapping and I have to say, I think I can do it if I focus on mainly a drum beat. Haha. Thank you, David for introducing John Smith. The show exceeded my expectations last night and I'm glad I made the trip. The book I write will be called "On the Road with David Gray". 1200 miles in less than two days. I'm beat.

    David was in a very good mood but you could see him constantly watching the security folks telling people to stop filming. There were signs put up for last night that said No- professional photos, no audio recording, no video recording. Security was everywhere and instantly ran to anyone filming. It was crazy. One even climbed all the way into the center of the row I was sitting to stop someone from filming. Distracting and might have contributed to the overall feel from the crowd.

    The same dancing lady also kept shouting that she wanted David's sweaty shirt. Almost as distracting as the wavy arm lady from Asheville.

    Last thought - I didn't even recognize Sail Away when it started...interesting. And how about clapping along with Nemesis? I like that David experiments with his music. Always a good sign when David brings his beer on stage;).
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    Here are a few photos I shot from Row T Center.

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1398907723.605625.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1398907734.354217.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1398907742.404194.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1398907766.591134.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1398907782.924969.jpg

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    I say, challenge accepted!
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    excellent photos, love the B&W!!! The harmonica photo exudes DG energy!!
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    Great photos! Love the harmonica one especially!
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    Lock what I found :)

    David Gray dazzles DC
    Rating: 5 Star

    April 30, 2014
    A rainy night in DC didn’t dampen the mood at the historic Lincoln Theater in Washington, DC on April 29. Fans of David Gray bustled in, eager to take their seats in anticipation of the performance. Gray, who recently announced the upcoming release of his tenth studio album entitled Mutineers, quickly sold out an eight-city theater tour throughout the U.S. that kicked off last week in Los Angeles. The tour compliments the upcoming album release (due out June 17), while also marking a partnership between Gray’s own IHT Records with Kobalt Label Services to promote the new album.
    The performance was captivating, magical and sonically flawless. Gray clearly continued his legacy of delivering some of the most thoughtful and poetic lyrics, matched with equally stunning melodies.

    Folk singer, John Smith finished the opening act, followed by drum and guitar techs who buzzed around the stage, tinkering with and testing quite a few instruments and microphones for Gray and the band. Lights dimmed, and a casually dressed David Gray took the stage along with seven other band members, some new and some familiar to veteran audience members. “So, I’m gonna play some new music now, starting with Gulls,” Gray said as he sat down to the piano to play one of the two tracks released so far on iTunes fromMutineers.

    Gray played the entire new album live, introducing each song, as loyal fans cheered, shouted praise and applauded excitedly. Playing an entire new album could be a bold move for some artists, but for David Gray, everything about the night worked. A track called “As The Crow Flies,” built like a movie plot, starting quietly on piano and evolving into a beautiful, big tune. “That was unbelievable,” was whispered by audience members in awe of the new material. The band, which included Gray’s cellist, added an entire new sonic dimension with beautiful, layered vocal and instrumental harmony. After Gray finished playing the new album, he smiled saying,“and that’s what it feels like to be a Mutineer.”

    Many things were obvious at this particular David Gray performance. More than anything, he emanated a liberated happiness, as if each new song was his child being introduced to the world. This performance was the kind where the audience felt as if they were sitting in Gray’s living room as dear friends. Gray joked throughout the evening, and responded with a humble smile to audience members shouting requests and verbalizing their adoration.

    After playing an acoustic solo rendition of “Shine,” a crowd favorite, Gray continued with hits like “Fugitive,” “Kathleen,” and “You’re The One I Love,” which prompted audience members to jump to their feet, dance and clap. Once Gray finished his last song for the evening, the audience immediately gave a standing ovation.

    Moments later, Gray and his band returned, playing an extended version of his breakout hit from the White Ladder album, “Babylon.” The audience remained on their feet for the entire encore, through the melodic tune “Sail Away With Me,” and “Nemesis.”

    The performance was captivating, magical and sonically flawless. Gray clearly continued his legacy of delivering some of the most thoughtful and poetic lyrics, matched with equally stunning melodies. The audience could not help but mirror the sheer joy and raw emotion floating about the room. There is no doubt that Mr. Gray is back in the world in a really, really big way.
    Source: http://www.examiner.com/review/david-gray-dazzles-dc
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    reading that just warms the heart, perfection!!
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    Awesome. I was so fortunate to be there. As a side note, the dreary weather really appealed to David, haha.

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