April 30, 2014 Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom, New York, NY

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    This is great. Thanks so much.

    Can't believe people pay for the privilege to go and talk over a performance, so rude!

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    Yeah, no shortage of talkers at that show. Happy to have another show with the new music to listen to so thanks, scb, and welcome to the board. :)
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    Thnx for sharing!! Wow what a superb version of Kathleen :wideyed::woot: (finally without the disturbing or too loud voice of Lisa..) who is singing here the second voice? Niamh? like it!
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    @Raymond: You are perfectly right! Firstly, in my opinion it is the most beautiul version of kathleen! Just well done from David and the band - it sounds so fresh, powerful and emotional ! WOW!
    Secondly - yes it's Niamh. For me she has the perfect voice to support David. She is like the cream on top of a big cake :D

    Here (LINK) is a link I posted earlier with a good quality video of it. As I wrote before: "I loved Kathleen since David played it for the first time -but this version beats them all ! This is pure magic... :nailbiting:"
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