April 9, 2015 ASB Theatre, Auckland

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    Nice concert review!
    This time no alarms clearing the building :)

    "It may not have been the funkiest show to come through Auckland recently, or the most rocking, but I’d have to say that David Gray’s performance at the ASB Theatre was certainly one of the most beautiful."​

    Read more here: http://13thfloor.co.nz/reviews/concert-reviews/david-gray-asb-theatre-april-9-2015/

    David Gray set list:

    Birds Of The High Arctic
    Back In The World
    Beautiful Agony
    Cake And Eat It
    Last Summer
    My Oh My
    Sail Away
    The Other Side
    Mansion On The Hill
    You’re The World To Me
    Snow In Vegas
    This Year’s Love
    The One I Love
    Silver Lining
    Please Forgive Me

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