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    Dont really know where to put this post in the forum but thought id best put it here :-\

    Does anyone think the main man will ever get back to playing arenas in the uk??

    i personally think with the band he has he would nail an arena gig but i dont think there would be the uptake on the tickets. I see ben howard has just announced some arena dates.

    Will be interesting to see what he does in 2015 tour wise! I cant imagine he is making a great deal of money at the moment with the band he is dragging round with him and only playing small venues.

    Maybe he could team up another artist like he did with Ray Lamontagne.
  2. RosalieEP

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    I don't know that he'll get back up to arenas. He did make some comments recently about how he would do arenas now better than he used to, but I just don't see him heading that direction. I like him in theatres anyway, but I agree, that the size of his act right now seems a little expensive for the venues he was playing this past tour. I wish him tremendous success, but I hope he stops at large performing arts centers.
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    wow is my first reaction

    for the record the small venues are absolutely a much more perfect way to go for this sound with this band he is "dragging around with him" (nice tone much???!!! jaysus). these gigs are audio masterpieces that get completely filtered outdoors or in larger venues......not that he didn't do both but from all I heard from friends on this tour it was the small intimate ones that ruled

    so in a word no

    If you were around for the ray tour when they did play larger venues that was with a far different lineup and yeah jones beach was fun

    but give me the ryman any day of the week
  4. carmel59

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    also, I don't think he does it for money. There is the practical side of things of course, ya have to pay bills and support your family..........But I've heard him also say in an interview he loves to do theaters.
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