Bangor, Co. Down - Bangor Abbey - Dec 3, 2013

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    beautiful, you brought us there
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    Thank you so much for sharing, Wolfie. It sounds like these shows are as magical as I imagined they'd be. As jealous as I am, it makes me so happy to hear that these concerts are living up to my dreams.
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    Tuesday, December 3
    Bangor Abbey

    the band
    Robbie Malone (guitar, bass, vocals)
    Caroline Dale (cello, vocals)
    David Kitt (guitar, vocals)
    Niamh Farrell (vocals)
    Lisa O'Neill (piano/keyboard, vocals)

    This was something different !

    We waited outside the abbey together with a few Irish fans, which was fun although some did not take their jackets and the wind was getting stronger and temperatures dropping... then again nothing like Norway where some of us waited in -18 ?

    Anyway, the abbey looked quite small and as soon as we got in we saw the setup of the seats and front row was actually 4 seats here.. never seen that before.. So we were lucky to be front row and although we had to look up a bit we were really close which makes it extra special to hear the sound straight from the instruments and in a church.. wow !

    David appeared as though he did not realise in who's house he was playing... then again was his usual self and mentioned his name a few times in various ways.. Made me laugh sometimes.

    This band is improving on the road and adding new stuff when they can, Gulls is something they have mastered already and I still have to get used to Skellig
    but Dun Laoghaire I have gotten familiar with now.. The real winner tonight amongst the new songs was Cake or "I want to have the cake and eat it" as it is called in full I think. As Wolfie mentioned quite uplifting and positive, I loved the improvements to the harmony in this song.

    Dancing was performed like the day before but I think Lisa is getting more comfortable too, she did well in this duet.

    Incredible was introduced again as an impossible job, and he said when he told the songs name to his manager he replied saying why not call it "same old shit" which was hilarious ! Great tune by the way..

    Ain't no Love, need I say anything ? Very good, and this song like Kathleen is I am sure one of David's favorites to play too...

    Gathering dust was done with full band now, and sounded really good. Then we went into the middle block with David mostly solo, with the highlight today which was It accumulates.. Like Wolfie said David forgot so sing "so we'll walk down this shoreline one last time forever" on shine, and had to ask for help from the audience... I tried to help him discretely by saying shoreline but he did not pick it up... Someone told him the wrong lines and he blamed the person for indulging their own agenda.. very funny !

    Babylon was done with full band and David wanted the audience to sing but that did not really work out so well I think, same for Sail at the end but that was better... Laughing gas was not played, but all the rest was.. and I think the total time of the show was over 2 hours and 10 minutes so that was the reason it was not done in the end.

    Overall unique experience, in a weird setting and slightly coolish too and difficult for Laurence and Mark to keep the guitars in tune I think..

    Anyways, thanks to David and his brilliant band.. Can I just say that Caroline Dale cannot ever leave !

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    Thanks for posting, what a gem of a setlist.
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    Thanks to Marcel and Wolfie for their wonderful reviews we have been able to share the magic of this wonderful gig.
    Much appreciated and safe travels to the next gig, hope the next one is just as special.

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    Wolfie and Marcel - thank you so much for your vivid reviews, the set list and the pictures. All much appreciated. This sounds like another wonderful musical experience. Well deserved you managed to get tickets for such a special show. A big heartfelt thank you! (Oh and Marcel - it was queueing at minus 30C in Oslo).
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    4 seats in the front row :eek:

    Now THAT's intimate. Thanks for sharing the write up, again.
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    s06 - thank you for posting that link to the interview with David in Bangor Abbey. It's denying me access at the moment (how cruel!) but I will keep trying. Appreciate the link!
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    I agree about Caroline never leaving! She always adds an extra touch of magic to a show. Glad you got to be so up close to take it all in. Sounds amazing.
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    Great video.

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    Yes, it is a great video. And I really like the stripped down version of Everytime! Hopefully some high quality videos of the new songs start cropping up now, too.
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    You're welcome. That video is tantalizing; it would've been nice to hear David Gray speak, but I suppose everything he said is in the article.
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    Holy Crap! A full Gathering Dust live! I might have died right there.;)
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    wow this is a great version indeed!!! love the van morrison - esque outro - awesome awesome awesome!!!

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