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  1. Julian

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    Bruce has never produced much rubbish,if any.Much like Dave i can load him up,stick him on shuffle and away we go!I think i have all his albums.The River is a classic.I like Greetings from Asbury Park,NJ too,and then there's Nebraska...and on and on..His newer stuff stands up very well..Brooooce!:headphone:
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  2. ak11

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    I love broocing at shows!
  3. carmel59

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    a little humor

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  4. Saintsfan

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    I liked them singing "Gov Christie's Traffic Jam" even better with Jimmy doing his Bruce impression ...
  5. carmel59

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    Bruce's 65th today!!! c124.gif
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  6. carmel59

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    Some Christmas cheer.............

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