Cork Opera House - Cork - Dec 4, 2013

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  1. Lara

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    Thanks for sharing Marcel! That's the one we affectionately titled Force of Nature 2 years ago, right?? Interesting title. Bright Eyes and Miracles (good)/AdNauseam (bad)...a little contradictory and complicated just like him :) Beautiful song!
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    I enjoy reading your reviews. Thank you! Also thanks for the link to SoundCloud. It makes my heart swell to hear David sing live.
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    hey guys sorry have been a little in and out this week as I work through the rehab of this new goes slow and steady!!

    I still prefer "force of nature" for this nauseum sounds like something rob would have suggested lol and bright eyes too obvious - my opinion - and who really cares what the name is??!! I always thought this was the better of the three new songs he introduced at sundance in jan 12 so very good memory lara - just about two years ago

    interesting that this and dancing with both feet are still hanging around and look to be on the album - I am glad to get both of these - would be kinda disappointed I think if snow makes it

    anyway thanks for the is its debut back at ascap cafe - those two tremendous gigs in the middle of sundance with lisa hannigan and ingrid michaelson on the bill - and then david solo acoustic as the headliner

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