Damien (Yes) Rice

Discussion in 'Other Music' started by thefox, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. thefox

    thefox Active Grayhead

    I felt a disturbance in the force... Looks like this man is about to wake from hibernation!!!! WOOOOO!!!!

  2. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Correct :D

    The dude has finally done it...

    Now lets hope its any good ...
  3. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    oh it is good..........
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  4. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    It better be... after sleeping under a bridge for 9 years or so...:rolleyes:
  5. Margaret

    Margaret New Grayhead

    Hurrah! I've been playing his music a lot lately.I'll forgotten how good he was.New album has only eight songs apparently.:rolleyes: I'm sure it be good tho':)
  6. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    it is awesome and if you have any chance to see him live do go! he is one of the best live performing artists out there....................his solo show in luzern what two summers ago was absolutely top 3 of all time musical events ever.......and for those that know me there have been a few lol
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  7. thefox

    thefox Active Grayhead

    I hope he freakin' comes to Boston... It's about time, and I can't help but be hopeful that we have a band for his tour. I hear a lot of Tom O's style in Faded Fantasy.... Get's me all excited!!
  8. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    like I said above seeing him solo acoustic - first time I ever have - was completely unreal so don't hope for the band too much!
  9. thefox

    thefox Active Grayhead

    I'll hold to mine, you'll hold to yours :D (though I'd be happy to see it solo)
  10. thefox

    thefox Active Grayhead

    I gotta say... for 8 years of absence and contemplation and other life events/context...
    This album is gorgeously Damien. Here's my take...

    My ranking of tracks by tier are: (1=WOW, 2=Solid Track, 3=Haven't Latched On Yet)
    1) Trusty and True, Colour Me In, My Favourite Faded Fantasy
    2) It Takes A Lot to Know A Man, I Don't Want to Change You, Greatest *******
    3) The Box, Long Long Way

    I think Trusty and True is unbelievable, like holy crap (all it's missing is the ooOOOOOOOHHHH!!! at the end, like he has been doing it live recently with those choral groups..) But the arrangement was highly complementary, and uplifting?! Mr. Rice, you okay??!! I love the "aa-ah's" by the distant female singer, and how the whole song just sends so many teaming chills throughout my brain and body. Those songs don't come often!

    Colour Me In is just gorgeous. Strings on steroids.

    MFFF (in my opinion) is like an addendum to "I Remember", as Elephant was to Blowers Daughter. I hear Tom O' in the drums, and it gets me so amped to know that Damien's baaaaaaack!!!

    It Takes A Lot.. It's a very rich track, and the conflicting/layered vocals half way through give a new grown-up kinda approach..and I think the crackles of what I believe to be fire are super tasteful and a great segue to the outro. Like who does that?!

    I Don't Want to Change You - It's catchy though not in my favorite key. It's solid. One of the many tracks where I feel a prior "relationship" having great influence on how the song came to be.

    Greatest ******* - I hear a little Amie at the end. I wonder if they will play back-to-back when he does a legit tour...?

    The Box/LongLongWay... more to come!
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  11. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    a copy and paste from the book..................enjoy (if you don't fall asleep!)

    So......................those with history know just how much damo means to maria and I

    20+ gigs or whatever but namely two incredibly profound gigs in luzern, switzerland. The first one an incredible journey that landed us third row center for david gray the next night due to some friends we met and swapped tix with over a few francs.....................and then oh say two years ago me with stomach ulcer and bad hip both in tall order yet summoned the energy for cocktails with rob holden (his manager - "glue" according to the liner haha).............for a few drinks at the grand national and then over to the kkr again which is such an amazing and glorious venue and without a doubt top three live performances of my lifetime. Shattering. Mind blowing. And Maria on stage haha!! but too crap to make it to the lake after....our loss

    the love and respect runs deep...............that said we have sat impatiently watching the dichotomies of his life of wanting to be an irish farmer who just hangs smoking herb to a LA celeb dropping $500k on a guitar at an auction. To the struggles with Lisa - like who wouldn't???!!

    But since I must have received a dozen or so personal requests on my review of the album and of course seen it all over elsewhere I guess here goes..................

    It is a great album. it is quintessential damo. We both love it.

    rick rubin was a great idea and a huge influence - that is singularly why it so much trumps 9 alone - just his production. So kudos to mondo who paired andy barlow with dg and rick with damo altho I do know damo has been hangin with rick for a while now............but sill props rob!!

    That said it came close but I didn't cry. So for me that is a let down as one of my guiding principles on judgement is tears lol!! but as I review this review i am listening to long long way now and I am crying................so yeah

    second best song on the album (again discounting box)

    but the prior point on tears is why it can't come close to O...........those albums that just seem untouchable in terms of their impact and resonance all these years later...albums like ray's ttstb or thath's self release or for me sell sell sell.....albums you can always turn to in your moment of greatest need

    but it is of course ridiculous to think that should be the standard

    I will say it is sure clear he is still sorting Lisa..............but I did love how she is in the liner notes with respect and that Marketa sings that song with him.

    I do hope and think that maybe just maybe this album is his ultimate catharsis. good luck braj.

    It has been seven years so while I do agree that Box is a great addition for the novice as it is a great song but at only eight tracks total I feel I really got just one for every year of our painful wait..........so yeah I was hoping to get destroyed. I just got blown away.................which of course is awesome.

    For me the number one track is It Takes a Lot to Know a Man. So here you go.

    I hear with jealous gratuity all the glowing reports from friends mainly coming out of NYC and chitown...................so glad you guys got to see one of the greatest singer songwriters and talent of our generation.

    As Maria said tonight.................I really think he is my favorite artist of all.

    I cannot argue with that.

    cheers and ‪#‎onelove‬
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  12. tony

    tony Active Grayhead

    For me "O" was something really special, i'm quite disappointed hearing this new stuff.
    But i appreciate a man crying manly tears, so i should probably give it one more try.
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  13. thefox

    thefox Active Grayhead

    He be jammin on Live at the Artist's Den starting next week (to my US folk)
  14. KirstenH

    KirstenH Active Grayhead

    I'm going to see him in April. Can't wait!

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  15. thefox

    thefox Active Grayhead

    me too! haha
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  16. KirstenH

    KirstenH Active Grayhead

    Damien was amazing!

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