David Gray 6/8/19 live in Studio C session at The Summit 91.3fm Akron/Canton

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    David Gray 6/8/19 live in a Wayside Furniture Studio C session at "The Summit 91.3fm" Akron/Canton and 90.7fm Youngstown.

    Nice little performance in support for the local, uncommercial radio station "The Summit 91.3fm" in Akron. Nice to see how excited everyone was!

    There are good interviewing-sections within between all songs. David mentioned the upcoming tour in 2020 for White Ladders 20th anniversary - I can't tell you guys how much I wish that he makes it a world tour that stops in Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium).

    Tight Ship
    It's Late
    Sail Away (piano version)
    This Years Love


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