David Gray is planing a tour for the 25th anniversary of his first Irish tour!

Discussion in 'All About David' started by nevermind, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    In a interview DG talked about his plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of "A Century Ends" and his first shows in Ireland with a special tour ! :)

    Q: Your debut “A Century Ends” was released over 20 years ago. Does its content still seem consistent with your voice as an artist?

    A: It’s a plucky, younger version of myself, but yes, I still feel a part of it. In fact, we plan to tour the music off my early records in a few years when we get to the 25th anniversary of my first shows in Ireland.

    Source: http://buffalo.com/2015/06/17/featured/david-gray-on-the-craft-of-writing-and-love-songs/
  2. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    Yes!! He alluded to this during an interview sometime last year, and I was hoping he was serious! When would that be exactly, 2018? I need to start saving! ;)
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  3. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Now that would be something. Yes, 2018 it would be Rosalie. Something nice to look forward to. A Century Ends is such a gem. I am really hoping this will happen.
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  4. thefox

    thefox Active Grayhead


    I will do that when I hear it (the song).
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  5. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Well.. 2018?! My job will be finished and I could have saved enough to make an Ireland roadtrip with many concerts.. This will be sooo special! :eek::rolleyes:
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  6. DG4President

    DG4President New Grayhead

    For old times sake, let's see Clune come back for this tour pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssse.
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  7. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    No doubt Clune was good but Keith is good as well - and Keith has the better taste in shirts IMO! :)))
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  8. Crazy Canadian

    Crazy Canadian Member Grayhead

    Well I'll be... I will have to venture to Ireland yet again to see this!!!! Of all the venues I have attended over my 15 plus years as a hardcore fan, Dublin was the best... a perfect 40th birthday gift... I am soooooooo in for 2018...
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  9. Lou

    Lou Member Grayhead

    Arrrrggghhh, I can't wait that long, I'm quietly hoping there will be a little Christmas present gig in Dublin before then..... He has a tendency for Ireland in December - fingers crossed

    Lou x
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  10. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    When I read all our comments a huuuugeee idea of an big grayhead meetup comes to my mind..
    Or a special concert where we can get 3 hours of solo music by David ^^ :rolleyes:
  11. Crazy Canadian

    Crazy Canadian Member Grayhead

    I completely agree..... That would be a dream come true!!!!!
  12. Murphy243

    Murphy243 New Grayhead

    So a trip to Ireland is in the talking stages for 2018 for a group of my friends, but any word on David doing a 25th Irish tour in Ireland? Anyone heard WHEN in 2018? Any new news? I said I'm only in on the trip if can be coordinated with seeing DG. Loyal fan. Btw, David at the Apollo in NYC on his Winter Tour 2016…fantastic!
  13. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    @Murphy243 David's tours have never been announced so far in advance so I am afraid you won't be having any pre notice more than between 3 months to 6 weeks in advance. Of course I may be wrong. Fingers crossed this will work out for you!

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