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Discussion in 'Live Performances' started by Mark, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Mark

    Mark New Grayhead

    I am very surprised that Itunes and David Gray never released a dvd of the Itunes festival concert at the Roundhouse in London 2014.

    I keep looking every day through different sites hoping to find a live dvd of that show as it captured great songs with great energy from David and the band.

    Anyone else miss that concert?

    Is there a way that we can get a dvd of it?
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  2. chris johnson

    chris johnson Member Grayhead

    If anyone can find a dvd of this concert, please let us know. I have only found three dvd s and I enjoy them immensely and often.
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  3. trevor poczynek

    trevor poczynek New Grayhead

    I have an audio recording of the performance. I wish I had recorded the video too.
  4. heyberto

    heyberto New Grayhead

    I don't see why iTunes just won't make it available for purchase as a video download.. No real additional cost to do that.. What a great tour that was, and that show was just fantastic.
  5. Jim G

    Jim G New Grayhead

    Hello my DG friends! I tracked the vid down for this and just uploaded to my Youtube page. Its great HD quality and sound. Enjoy!

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  6. heyberto

    heyberto New Grayhead

    Jim, you are the man!! Thanks for doing this!
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  7. Oakie

    Oakie Member Grayhead

    Well that was a very welcome distraction from everything I should have been doing today!! Thanks Jim!
  8. Jim G

    Jim G New Grayhead

    thanks glad i had the chance to share

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