David Gray - Live at The Bridgewater Hall,Manchester 3-7-2011 (Lost & Found Tour)

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    David Gray at The Bridgewater Hall,Manchester - 3rd June 2011

    After a hot day in Manchester focus shifted to the evenings event.A majestic venue in a rejuvenated Manchester,David's home town, was the perfect setting for show six of this UK tour.It would be ong to call Lisa O'Neill his support act,as in the hour before, she entertained the audience with beautiful melodic tones and soaring Irish voice.Why this girl is unsigned is a mystery.At around 8:50,to a packed Auditorium David took to the stage with his band and began a 2 hour set;a retrospective of his catalogue.Beginning with Foundling the title track from his most recent album may have seemed a unusual choice but no such thing.A mixture of Draw The Line,highlight the hypnotic Nemesis,and Life In Slow Motion favourites formed the basis around which songs from Foundling were released to a captivated and attentive audience.Maybe he should have played more from Foundling as the oppurtunity was certainly there.This wasn't a show for huge crowd participation and no less superb for it.It was billed by David himself as a series of quieter more intimate shows;listening shows he referred to them as.However,even with acoustic instruments,the sound was excellent and the Hall's acoustics did full justice to the texture of the music.The band were absolutely fantastic breezing through track after track with consumate ease and drive.It's obvious they are as much tuned into the music as David himself.During his solo set someone in the audience shouted Coming Down,at which point David said ".....that sounds like a great idea" and proceeded to retune his guitar and oblige us with a reminder of the genius of his early writing.Despite this tour having a differrent feel to it,there was still an energy and his presence on stage was very tangible.Personally i think his approach to these shows added to that.My Oh My and White Ladder were glimpses of the Lo-Fi genius of White Ladder which have lost no immediacy.Also,predictably Babylon,This Years' Love and Sail Away,which closed the show.It was nice to hear Fixative,which he emotionally dedicated to his friend and Best Man Brian Glancy,as UK Foundling release didn't get this track.A magnificent show from beginning to end and this type of semi-acoustic approach sees him in his element.These shows have undoubtedly been an overwhelming hit with fans and I for one hope this approach is revisited in the future.

    Foundling - Only The Wine - The One I Love - Flame Turns Blue - Ain't No Love - Kathleen - Fugitive - Nemesis - Forgetting - World To Me - Coming Down - In The Morning - My Oh My - White Ladder - Alibi - Lately - Babylon - This Year's Love - Fixative - Sail Away
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