David Gray Live Rock Am Ring - 02.06.2006

Discussion in 'Live Performances' started by John, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead


    Big thanks to jhg1234 who posted this!!!

    I've heard this concert streamed live in my childhood and just could'nt stop think about it...

    This version of Babylon is brilliant!!! And then Lately with Caroline Dale on Cello...... And then the lyrics in the end... This is my most beloved version of this song ever!!

    Brilliant mood as well! Love him wearing such nice suits!!! <3


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  2. carmel59

    carmel59 Well-Known Grayhead

    Wow, excellent sound quality!! Also, the lighting and camera work were fantastic, the close-ups, reflections, framing, colors, a feast for the eyes!!
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  3. Main

    Main Active Grayhead

    Thank you so much for that link! The first few minutes immediately gave me goosebumps! Fantastic!!
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  4. KirstenH

    KirstenH Active Grayhead

    Yes, thank you! Nos Da Cariad and Freedom were young songs and a treat to hear such a good recording. Good to see such lightheartedness too! ...Thank you, you *ucking frozen *******s! Thank you!
    Clune was perched on the blue and green tartan. :)

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  5. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    " ...Thank you, you frozen *ucking *asterds!"

    In the moment he said this I thought "Hell yeah Dave, you're damn right!" :D

    I well remember these new songs.. They both are two of my favourite of Davids songs since I first heard this performance.. Just loved to reach a piece of childhood that was somewhere in my mind!

    And before Lately he said, that "this one is all about global warming and it affects festivals everywhere"... I laughed so hard!! :D Caroline Dale just laughed as well.. Too funny!
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  6. Main

    Main Active Grayhead

    That global warming one made me laugh out loud too!! :D
  7. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    This is just a few months before my first DG concert. Awesome! Thank you for posting these!
  8. Crazy Canadian

    Crazy Canadian Member Grayhead

    Thank you to everyone who posts such wonderful videos...
  9. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Great video, thanks for posting @John :)

    I feel old watching this LOL..

    Oh and I will buy a pint of choice at the next gig (..) to the first member giving me the complete list of band members in this performance...

    Cheers :p
  10. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Thank you so much @Marcel :) And cheerio - ehm, meant cheers ;) :rolleyes: :oops: :asshat:

    I felt so bloody young when I discovered it some weeks ago.. :dummy: What a refreshing feeling. But still - you are a bit older - but not old! :oldman: :pompus:

    Well.. Here I go with my guess: :writing:

    David Gray - vocals, guitar
    Dave Nolte - guitar, keyboards, harmonium
    Tim Bradshaw - keyboards, guitar
    Tony Shanahan - bass
    Caroline Dale - cello
    Craig McClune - drums
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  11. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Looks like that pint is yours John, well done !

    Unusual lineup, I guess Robbie was ill, can't fully remember :rolleyes:

    Some websites mention Dave Nolte still involved on the Mutineers album, but have not looked it up yet so not sure if that is fully accurate
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  12. Jim G

    Jim G New Grayhead

    Glad you all liked them. Love me some DG! :D


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