David Gray, Neil Hannon, Mary Black, Camille O Sullivan, Repeal charity in Dublin

Discussion in 'Tour 2017' started by daveeliver, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. daveeliver

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    Hi All,
    I've looked on the forum but seen no mention of this.
    Dublin 23rd. April, some seating left in the circle but standing downstairs (where I am).
    The Olympia is a lovely theatre.

    David Gray | Mary Black | Neil Hannon | Camille O'Sullivan | Loah | Lisa O'Neill | Printer Clips featuring Paul Noonan & Guests | Roisin O | Wyvern Lingo

    There will also be contributions from:
    Panti | Activist Ailbhe Smyth | Writer Roisin Ingle | Comedian Tara Flynn | Writer Una Mullally

    PLUS: Many more acts to be announced.

    Tickets onsale NOW for a unique night “A Night In the Key Of 8” at The Olympia Theatre on Sunday April 23rd.

    With a host of major acts and performances from across the broad spectrum of Irelands unique arts community, with all proceeds going to the Repeal Project, supporting fundraising for the repeal the 8th movement.
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  2. daveeliver

    daveeliver Member Grayhead

    It's now advertised on davidgray.com
  3. nevermind

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  4. Lou

    Lou Member Grayhead

    I got my tickets just now, standing but I like The Olympia so don't mind!!! I can't believe I missed this yesterday, Just been so busy I haven't looked at the internet all day x
  5. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    So unfortunately I wasn't able to go to this one. Would anyone please be so kind to let us know about that evening? What did David play? Was there an all star band at the end ? What was it all like? Please?
  6. Lou

    Lou Member Grayhead

    Hi @Rena . I was there patiently waiting for the main man although I must say ALL the performers were excellent and so talented, even those I never heard of. DG started out with Babylon, a great crowd pleaser. Rob was on stage with him. Next up was Nemesis, lovely version. I have a minute and half clip I must put up if I get a chance later this eve. Then a "choir " of Repeal 8th girls joined him for Fugitive, an altogether different song when it's accompanied by the choir. Gorgeous. Lastly, Ain't No Love. No words xxxxx. He did very little speaking except to say "let's gets out of the dark ages" (meaning the abortion referendum). He looked great and sounded sooooo good. That's all, I'm not great at reviews as I get so caught up in the moment enjoying it to the fullest, i go into zombie mode xxxxxx


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  7. Lou

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    I put a clip on you tube, search David Gray Nemesis Clip April 2017
  8. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Thanks a lot @Lou. This sounds like a lovely evening with David and many more. I would have loved to hear the choir version of Fugitive. This must have been special.

    Looking forward to seeing your clip of Nemesis. I will look for it as soon as I'll get to a place with wifi.

  9. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you Lou for the update !

    So glad we had a Grayhead there to tell us about what was played etc.

    Oh and here is your video that I found:

    Great to see Rob again, and cannot wait for all the new stuff, album, live performances with the band etc... Lots of good stuff on its way :D
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  10. daveeliver

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    Hi Lou, thanks for the set list and the clips.

    My trip to Dublin.

    Hi Lou, you weren’t the only one there, and if I’d bumped into you, my story may have been different.

    Loved the thought of seeing, David, Camille O’Sullivan , Mary Black. Neil Hannon etc on the same evening and thought it may have been a night similar to when I saw David, David Ford, Magic Numbers in London, March 2013.

    I was looking forward to it.

    Arrived in Dublin 830 in the morning and being sensible (for once), I took the train to Howth and went for a walk, instead of drifting around Dublin drinking coffee and then the bars I know too well.

    Walked 12k !!! and enjoyed it, (and the beers and fish and chips after).

    The cliff walk was beautiful but more strenuous than expected, and I’m older than I think! I was knackered.

    Back to Dublin, checked into the hotel, found a bar and watched Liverpool v Crystal Palace and wasn’t happy when Liverpool lost.

    More than a few beers, back to the hotel and off to the concert.

    Standing ticket only, beer 5.40 euros in a plastic glass and the place was quite full.

    Found a decent spec and listened to a few expected words, then a good singer, who sang 2 songs, then another speech, then Roisin O (2 songs), then more words, then Le Galaxie ( 2 songs, and I really enjoyed them), then an even longer word section, then Lisa O’Neill, then I gave up, good acts, songs shorter than the speeches.!

    I believed in everything the people were saying, but why were they preaching to the converted.

    If I could have paid for my ticket, (it was too cheap), bought memorabilia, made donation etc,etc, I would have been happy but I was tired, Liverpool had lost and it was the music (especially David) that I wanted to listen to not stories about experiences that have been part of my life.

    I think the concert highlighting Moxafrica got it right in 2013.

    So I left, missed David, Camille, Neil, Mary and of course Lou, but enjoyed a few hours In The Cobblestones.

    Good Irish music, great Guinness

    So I can’t give a review or a set list, but I was there also,(for a while), I regret leaving but....

    Take care everyone, see you soon

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  11. Lou

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    @daveeliver I can't believe you stood through most of the acts then left!!!! You were almost there my dear xxxxPromise me you will make another trip to Dublin for some Whelans anniversary gigs (whenever they may be)

    Take it handy


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