David Gray on the tears, tantrums and thrown furniture

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    David talked with his old mate Neil McCormick from The Telegraph!

    “Jesus, a lot went into the making of this record. I don’t normally go for the tortured artist bit but this had the tears, tantrums, thrown furniture. As a creative meeting of minds it was profound. Andy’s brief was to take me out of my comfort zone and not allow me to make the same record I’d made before. There was an element of mutiny throughout: I was a mutineer on my own ship! And no one should be like that for too long!”
    Heart and art are the things he is relentlessly interested in – there is no commercial impulse, no obsession with replicating past success. “I reflect on White Ladder with nothing but positive feelings, really. I can see the richness of all the possibilities that I’ve been granted by that profound event. It was an enabler, but it was also a restricter. It was a big thing to live through, to go from obscurity to ubiquity, but what do you want me to do about that? I’ve moved on. I can’t go back there.”
    Gray’s description of windswept album closer Gulls serves as a description of his approach to art. “There’s a yearning for removal from earthly stuff, you are in music, and gone. That’s how it feels to me, music is the land of the gulls, and the wind that blows through it is nobody’s, you can’t take ownership of it, it’s just there, you have to surrender to it.”​

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    Another great one!
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    Yes, great article. For me the thing that really stand out is the last paragraph:

    After all the struggles of writing and recording Mutineers, he had an epiphany when he played the album back, in full, alone in his home studio. “I just got lost in it, I lived every second of every song, and I started shouting, ‘over all things, joy!’ It was something I knew in my heart all along but wasn’t courageous enough to deal with. You can slave away at the coalface with a sort of meaningful grimace, working hard, proving your worth, but it doesn’t mean a damn thing. It’s the joy of the music, and the joyousness it provides you as the vessel for it, that’s the thing that conquers everything. And the only way I’ll ever win any of my battles is through that.”

    I just love that and now know why he mentioned that as a possible album title on Instagram. "Over all things, Joy!" ... yes. :)
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    :)That paragraph really struck me too, I just felt joy for him, and for his work.........This is what its all about, sharing our gifts, it brings joy to ourselves and overflows to others:)
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    I agree! That paragraph made me smile!
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    This whole thread makes my spine tingle. I love his enthusiasm, his passion and the way he immerses himself and loses himself in everyone of his songs. Sat with friends now with a nice glass of red, lovely meal and the welcoming sound of Mr Grays voice. Forgetting off Cascade plays perfectly whilst we reminisce about Dublin. Cheers David.

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    I can highly recommend "Only The Wine" on Foundling to a glass of wine with friends ;) Great song!! And so true...
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