David Gray on touring Australia,his plans and hopes for America/Europe this year and a new record

Discussion in 'All About David' started by John, Apr 3, 2015.

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    “We have ‘Snow in Vegas’ coming out in America, so if that hits it would mean more offers from promoters,” he says. “It could change the year if it does well. I’m intending to do some solo shows around Europe, and then there will be some festivals. I’ll be writing some new songs and maybe record a bit of an album; there are still several dozen songs from the Mutineers period waiting to be captured officially, so that’s about as far as I’ve got.”

    Great news!! Hopefully Dancing is such a song! :rolleyes:

    Read the nice interview in full here, where I found it:
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    Well John, I'm with you in hoping to see David again this year, maybe even in Germany :jawdrop: So the boy still keeps us begging for more!!!!
    But I'm not sure about "Dancing". Think of it as it was played last year, as it was our Cologne present. It had so much passion and heart - I don't believe that any studio recording could top that. And at least I believe in it when it's another one of these ridicculous duets with LeAnn R. Please David, keep it the way it is as I love it love it love it that way:shy:

    And by the way - I haven't been off, just not have been very talky during the last few weeks because of dizzy dizzy job things:hungover: I'll try to stay tuned a bit more often:happy:

    Love, Birdie
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    New songs/album and an European solo tour, what's more to wish! :))))))

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