David Gray Performs Three Guerrilla Gigs In London This Week

Discussion in 'Tours 2014' started by nevermind, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. nevermind

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    "Multi-platinum selling singer songwriter David Gray rolls into town this week, with a set of gigs only those in the know have so far been let in on. The gigs take place at the Emmanuel Centre in SW1 tonight, tomorrow and Friday (5-7 February).

    David has spent the last couple of years honing a new album, to be released in the next few months. As with many artists David is constantly looking for ways to connect with the people who have loyally supported him over the years, and as a result he’s gone straight to the fans with these latest gigs following the success of a similar venture in Ireland at the end of last year.

    Publicised only on his website and Facebook page, David asked anyone interested in gigs to sign up for a ballot, which subsequently rewarded fans with tickets to these three London gigs at the Emmanuel Centre, an historic Grade 2 listed building on Marsham Street in the heart of Westminster. The venue has a 1,000 capacity and should provide marvellous surroundings to hear David’s music, old and new, perhaps including the splendid ‘Hospital Food’ from 2005′s ‘Life In Slow Motion’...."

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  2. JackieJo

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    "... Only those in the know". Doesn't that include over 100,000 Facebook fans( not sure of the number, but it is rather large.) ? I like the way David has done this from the standpoint of hopefully having crowds there to listen to he music - not chat with friend or make calls on their cellphones. :mad:
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  3. Rena

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    I really hope the chatty ones stay at home this time.

    And it's 429033 Facebook fans. And rising. If I remember correctly the number was about 300000 a year ago. Nice.
  4. JackieJo

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    Haha. yes, I was just coming to correct my conservative number.:D

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