David Gray plays the ‪‎iTunesfestival‬ in London on September 14th!

Discussion in 'Tours 2014' started by nevermind, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Teemto

    Teemto Active Grayhead

    There are no words. tonight was surreal
  2. EddCoates

    EddCoates New Grayhead

    One of the best DG concerts i've been to, even if the audience was pretty rude! Did anyone happen to grab a recording of the videostream? I'd love to watch it back with all the closeups! :D
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  3. thefox

    thefox Active Grayhead

    "I'm workin on it... Yeah workin on it..."
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  4. EddCoates

    EddCoates New Grayhead

    LOL thank you :D and on that subject, I was a bit gutted we didn't get Girl Like You :(
  5. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Thank you Dave for putting down the setlist because no one had done that before you!

    The concert can be watched again via the iTunes Festival app and iTunes on the PC for a limited time. Enjoy!
  6. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Exactly. I can only imagine what it must have been like while actually being there and not just watching it live via the stream.
  7. WhereIfall2013

    WhereIfall2013 Active Grayhead

    I was at that show, one of my favourite. I have very fond memories of the incredible 3 show run at Roundhouse in 2007. Those were really special shows and this lived up to those. Unfortunately we had to leave fairly early because of the underground suspension so missed after Gulls.

    It must be the Camden crowd but they always bring the noise(both good and bad). It was the same at the last shows. At the start I was looking around and thinking that this was a young crowd probably thanks to it being the ITunes fest. Some younger guys and girls behind saying beforehand that they won't be a lot of movement just 'alot of swaying'. I was skeptical of 'Birds Of The High Arctic' as an opener, didn't seem right, how wrong I am!!!! As well as being awesome it really got the crowd momentum going, and those people behind me? - 'wow, didn't expect that?!' Anyway my opinion is, yea the crowd is chatty(which was also because of iTunes fest, and during Lisa Hannigan's last song it was a very loud din!) but they responded to the fantastic music and playing in a superb way and I like that.

    As I say the music and musicianship was fantastic, I noticed a marked difference this show and the RAH show in June. Much tighter, a lot more smiles and jokes between the band, loved the moment with DG and Dave Kitt at the end of Mutineers, Dave Kitt really killed that solo. My oh My was awesome, the singalong was a v cool moment. Last Summer was a highlight for me. And I was pleasantly surprised with Nemesis, only my opinion but
    I was beginning to think the recent version was getting too indulgent especially the end. But this version blew me away, astounding, can't wait to hear that again.

    Looking forward to watching and hearing the rest of the show. So glad I was able to go albeit for only 2 3rds of the show, Looking forward to that imminent UK tour announcement :)
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  8. EddCoates

    EddCoates New Grayhead

    Thanks Rena! And hi again btw, haven't seen you since the old forum :D

    Does anyone know if there's a way to save the stream to PC? Would love to be able to keep it!
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  9. Eileen

    Eileen Member Grayhead

    Thank you everyone who has posted here. I do love the new shows, he puts so much energy and heart into them, as always. Kari and I are hoping to make one more show here in the states before long. :)
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  10. Dave

    Dave Member Grayhead

    liking the sound of that
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  11. Teemto

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    I do not know where to begin! After salvaging the tix from my gmail-recycle bin we arrived at 6pm. Then we realised that DG was on at 9pm! What on earth to do??

    Turns out there's a really nice outdoor bar inside the roundhouse where we were able to grab some food (good food!), drink and chill out on sofas. When it got to around 7pm we went into the arena and claimed a spot just in front of where John Smith was gonna play- we sat down and continued drinking. Great atmosphere and venue btw; the staff were so friendly. The arena itself was actually quite intimate (smaller than you'd think from watching it online).

    People started standing when Lisa came on and I tell you what, she killed it! It was my first time hearing her ..... and to be honest it may have also been due to the timing of almost finishing our 2nd pints (lol) BUT SHE WAS FANTASTIC. John made it even better! I really hope her set gets released perhaps as audio because it really was superb; best support act I've seen to date.

    You guys have all said it already but DG was on form. Better than that, ..he was flying. The energy levels from himself and the band were outstanding. I was so impressed given the nature of the gig and how the audience weren't exactly all hardcore fans (only people behind the pillars, at the bar, were making the noise... which tbh is expected). If there ever was a performance I'd share with people new to David Gray it would be this one. Simply stunning.

    To the band: You guys were incredible last night. Fantastic job.

    I've re watched bits of the live stream and the mixing is great but it didn't capture THE SOUND. It was the first time for me on the front row and the sound system was IN YOUR FACE. John's guitar nearly blew my brains it was so so good.

    All my favourites were played.. and THEN SOME. I mean did you hear Nemesis? Holy s***! Completely agree with WhereIFall it went down so well. Fantastic rendition of the song and my favourite yet; the whole place just exploded.

    Falling free on the guitar was beautiful.. the fact that we were treated to a solo section was amazing. Thank you.

    Ok Ok here comes my one compulsory complaint.. Nobody knew the words to Silver Lining!!!! How awful. I was expecting a choir-esque singalong :D The ending to that song was superb.. DG was literally bouncing (so was I!).

    Cake and Girl Like You were on the original set but not played (took a peek at someone who managed to grab one) but the band gifted us with at least 2 full hours of material. So so fortunate I was available (and selected!) to go. It was my 10th gig and my friend Emily's 1st! She loved it, although we both agreed that the hands-on-hips dancing by DG was a bit weird (the phrase Dad-dancing comes to mind). David you should go practice a bit more on those moves. :D

    In terms of full gig-experience I'm confident that it was my favourite. Everything went right for us on the day and the performance from the band was unbelievable... just a shame I wasn't caught on camera shouting "I love you John!"
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  12. carmel59

    carmel59 Well-Known Grayhead

    This is just a sidebar relating to the ITunes Festival, if you all would be interested in other concerts. I though Robert Plant was absolutely extraordinary, old Led Zepplin rearranged, the new music African influence, fabulous drumming....

    Elbow---i was mezmerized.......not familiar with that group, but paying attention now!

    Maroon 5---don't waste the time, (unless you're a huge fan) Seemed to get redundant for me. anyway

    Lisa Hannigan, along with John Smith, wonderful, will draw you in close.

    and I'll be watching DG concert again, the streaming for me kept clipping, drove me crazy!!!
  13. ak11

    ak11 Well-Known Grayhead

    Is the stream on itunes laggy for anyone else? Insane Nemesis though, need to check out this in full at some point.
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  14. carmel59

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  15. DarinCMU

    DarinCMU Member Grayhead

    I did FRAPS the whole concert. It's a 25 gb file at the moment! I'm going to rip audio and carve it into individual songs later. In the meantime, I'll try and shrink this sucker down then upload it for folks.
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  16. bigchinasean

    bigchinasean New Grayhead

    What an amazing show. Bold, bold,bold, bold. Amazing how people still spazz out about this year's love! I'm so glad he plays so much off of what is his career highlight - Mutineers. I like White Ladder, but it's teenage poetry, by comparison of course. Hard to digest next to everything after NDaM (except transformation ugh). He truly is getting better. Great show!

    And i've never seen his dance so dancily! He does a great job for an Englishman.

    Please Forgive Me is the only thing that holds up as is from White Ladder and what a spectacle it is here. Every time I see him I love it when he goes for that little box atop the piano. Also this is usually the point in the show where fans are willing to be unrestrained (hard to come by in a group of people who hope to hear TYL). He should do an hour of it.

    I know he "has" to play babylon, but it kills what he created with PFM. My choice - Hospital Food too. When was the last time he played Made Up My Mind. great closer. One I Love is good too.
  17. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    lol on dancily

    what the heck is mumm???!!

    and yes he needs to play babylon...........ya know for a festival??!!
  18. Teemto

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  19. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    Having trouble with the video for some reason. I need that Nemesis in every form I can! :)
  20. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Dear friends,

    I am very very sorry but the iTunes festival gig cannot be shared on this platform. This is copyright material owned by Apple.

    It can be watched for a limited time on the iTunes Festival app and there will be an EP later on.

    Please understand, Marcel and I are to be held legally responsible for any copyright violations.

    So with much regret I will have to delete the posts above that are about the topic of sharing this material.

    Love Rena

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