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    Hi all, it's been a while since I've posted.
    Thought I'd share a video and few pictures from the show here in Redmond WA. .

    I went with Eileen and my friend Mona ( her first ever DG show) and met up with a few other Gray heads at the show...Hi Jennifer and family, so wonderful to see you again....
    The night couldn't have been better, a gorgeous sunny day, stars out in full, light breeze and the band's were both in fantastic moods!
    I know some here are not fans of Amos, but I adore him and his band. He was so energetic, talkative, happy, the band sounded tight. His set was so full of energy, excitement, they sounded great. I couldn't of asked for more from them. The crowd was on their feet, dancing , singing , just enjoying it all..and girls, the man ( amos) ...can dance :)- His cover of Pony...priceless..

    David was last on stage. He came out from step one ready to blow us away. His set was very upbeat most of the night. He had so much energy and this light about him I haven't seen in a while. You'll see what I mean once you watch the video. . It was great to see... The crowd was feeding off of him dancing, screaming, laughing, singing along...it was the best!!!
    Halfway through the show the people sitting on the sides in chairs got up and tossed their chairs to the side in a huge pile and just stood dancing the rest of the evening. The people from the lawn area came and rushed the stage, the security just gave up..
    But with all that said, everyone was HAPPY!! We all got along dancing with each other, we were all there to see David and his amazing band give us a night to remember and boy did they ever.
    Even though the set was only an hour and a half, it was still probably one of my favorite shows by him ever.
    Just to see the band having such a great time on stage laughing and dancing and singing their hearts out, gave you goosebumps. ..
    My ow my sounded amazing, you could really hear Tim playing his heart out, beautiful.
    arctic... slow motion.. night blindness. .alibi....they just kept coming one unbelievable song after another. David's voice sounded wonderful, robbie as always smiling having a great time on stage doing what he does best, John surprised me on guitar.... you all know I'm a HUGE fan of Neill's work, but John impressed the stars out of me, Keith was awesome, such a talented drummer...
    He closed with Money.. but before the closing song came the BEST version of Please Forgive Me I've ever seen!!!!!!!! It went on forever. And the crowd went absolutely mental for it.. David lost his darn mind on stage, I swear he was channeling his inner Mack Jagger....it was fantastic! !!! I wish I had got the whole thing on video but I only got the last 2 minutes, I was too hypnotized by the moment. ..
    Thanks band for an amazing night, thanks to the best fans ever for the insanity...
    Until next time

    dg july 2015 023.JPG dg july 2015 023.JPG dg july 2015 024.JPG dg july 2015 025.JPG dg july 2015 026.JPG dg july 2015 029.JPG dg july 2015 031.JPG dg july 2015 032.JPG dg july 2015 034.JPG dg july 2015 037.JPG dg july 2015 059.JPG
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    dg july 2015 080.JPG dg july 2015 061.JPG dg july 2015 096.JPG dg july 2015 099.JPG dg july 2015 100.JPG dg july 2015 106.JPG dg july 2015 107.JPG dg july 2015 109.JPG
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  4. Kari

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    Great review Kari. It was a million dollar show ! :D
  6. Kari

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    dg july 2015 006.JPG dg july 2015 011.JPG
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    IMG952015071595101827422.jpg Set list from Eileen ...
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    Thanks for the great review, setlist a pics! :)
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    Great review and photos! Love those last two minutes :D
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    now that explains the comments from certain members of the forum, you know who you are!!! (dca) :rolleyes: very enjoyable, I must say...............
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    Love your photos Kari, looks like you had a great vantage point, the lights weren't pointing directly into your camera or it was earlier in the evening? The colors are so warm, very nice!!!
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