David live on Jo Whiley's /BBC radio

Discussion in 'News about David Gray' started by Rena, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Starting now. With David how he started studying art. Great subject. He did a painting for the first time in 20+ years. I would give a lot to see that painting!
  2. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Sounds like we all are going to see it. It's in the video to Enter Lightly which is played live on the piano right now.

    What a beautiful beautiful song.

    Now the lovely Snow in Vegas which is always best when being done on his own.

    Smoke Without Water - wonderfully performed on the piano.
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  3. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Folkestone and Paisley. Those fights... I remember both gigs. Hilarious listening to David remembering those.

    Now David is covering Elton John's Yellow Brick Road . Lovely rendition.

    I wonder if that piano is called "the Elton John piano" because every guest is supposed to play a cover of his?

    What a great evening with lots of interesting insights. I enjoyed every minute of this.
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  4. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    Wow! Great solo performance of two of his new songs! David was simply incredible! So intense! So looking forward to seeing DG at his solo shows soon!
    It's always nice to listen to David telling funny stories especially about his concerts in Folkestone and Paisley (I've been there!) and him talking about musicians he really likes, in particular when he mentions Leonard Cohen to whom I'm a bit addicted as well :)))

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  5. Oakie

    Oakie Member Grayhead

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  6. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    So that's why. Thanks for the info Oakie.
  7. Oakie

    Oakie Member Grayhead

    You're welcome Rena :)

    For anyone who missed David on Radio 2 this evening (or who wants to listen again, as I will be!) it's available online for the next 29 days at the link below:


    Jo Whiley's shows are pretty good but if you want to skip straight to David Gray, head to 1:09:20

    Enjoy ;)
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  8. chris johnson

    chris johnson Active Grayhead

    How fun was that! I love the music and the interview both. It's great to hear david's memories. What a charming guy. Way more than I could have hoped for.
  9. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

  10. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    Thanks for sharing, John! Now I'm hoping for more :)))))

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  11. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    To your service @nevermind!
    Your wish is my command ;) ^^

    Hahaha, how he is laughing, as his lyrics ran away.. But, as always: very professional!
    Just great! And hearing it is just a blast!

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  12. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    Thanks John! He is great, isn't he? :)))
  13. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    David is awesome.

    And thank you so much for finding these videos @John.
  14. Crazy Canadian

    Crazy Canadian Member Grayhead

    super videos, super sound... David is awesome... and so are his dedicated fans who never cease to amaze me by finding and sharing!!!
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