David on Dermot O'Leary BBC Radio2 - Sat 13th Sept

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  1. Julian

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    Appearing on the show alongside other sessions from Nic Mulvey and Bears Den.He played Birds of The High Arctic and a cover of Streets of Philadelphia,O'Leary being a fan.

    There was much talk of Jam making,Andy Barlow,America,Record industry,band members previous exploits etc.It was more relaxed than a lot of other recent interviews.

    "I feel this is your best body of work for a while" - a very pertinent and correct comment from Dermot.

    Available for another 6 days.:headphone:

    Dave was the first guest so easily navigable.

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    I love the bit where the presenter said he googled birds of the high arctic
    Guess what came up, David Gray Forum hehe
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