David's Instagram pic.

Discussion in 'David Gray Pics' started by Elysium, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Elysium

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  2. RosalieEP

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    That's Helen! (HRJ, I believe, in the old boards.) I met her in Asheville, and she speaks and acts with as much passion as she writes with! Glad to see a thoughtful response from him!
  3. Elysium

    Elysium Active Grayhead

    Yes thought it was great, I had a feeling it could be that Helen.

  4. Elysium

    Elysium Active Grayhead

    Has she not come over here with us?

  5. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    I absolutely love David's Instagram photos and captions. So glad he's willing to use that medium to share another aspect of his artistic vision with his fans.The picture and message yesterday ("self portrait with a light in my mind") pretty much made my week.
  6. carmel59

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    I'm beginning to wonder if there is something extra-ordinary going on with him. The lyrics to his new music may enlighten us with that question. Very cool to watch him develop as an artist. But all of you know more about this than I.
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