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    In Sydney DG talked about his interest in charts success:

    Despite White Ladder selling seven million copies, Gray is uninterested in the charts saying they represent a way for the commercial world to make sense of art.

    "That's just a numbers game and art isn't a competitive sport, most of my favourite records never got near a chart," he said.
    Well said, David! :)

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    What an interview! I like! Thanks for sharing. :)

    The man walking down Harris Street, Ultimo wearing a tan blazer, cravat and three-day growth could be an anonymous academic from a nearby university.

    "If you were looking for music with a sense of euphoria, the only way you can create that authentically is to actually feel that yourself,"

    "To make this new sound I had to throw things out and tear things up and knock things down."

    "I knew all the things I didn't want, but I didn't have the thing I wanted yet,

    "This is straight from the heart."
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