Dec 13 2014 San Jose KFOG Concert

Discussion in 'Tours 2014' started by Rena, Oct 10, 2014.

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    He's not coming all the way to San Jose for just one performance, is he...?
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    Does anyone know the timing of the San Jose toys for tots concert? I am trying to determine what time he will begin his set?

  4. Rena

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    Have a great time tonight everyone!

    Can't wait to hear about it all.
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  5. JustNat

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    Yes, do tell us all about it! I'm in DG withdrawal ;-) Wolfie, especially you, have a wonderful time!

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  6. wolfie

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    Set list for San Jose:




    My Oh My

    Ain't No Love

    Last Summer




    PFM (solo)

    Shine (solo)




    Say Hello Wave Goodbye

    And so it ends! Last show of a long and wondearful year of DG touring. This show the band consisted of DG, Robbie, Tim, Caroline and John. I can't believe they came all this way for these two shows in California at the end of a tough year but so thankful for the one last chance to hear and see them again. The band composition made for a unique sound and it was quite cool for me to hear some very familiar songs in an unfamiliar way. Highlights for me were Ain't No Love, Nemesis and Say Hello. Very fun night and so nice to get to spend some time with some wonderful ladies. I am a bit road weary but wouldn't trade any of what has happened this year for anything. Thank you to DG, band, crew and all of the great people I've met along the way this year.
  7. RosalieEP

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    Cheers to a great 2014!
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  8. ak11

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    Would love to see a list of wolfie's shows this year lol :)
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  9. Lou

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  10. Rena

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    Thank you so much for the setlist and the report, Wolfie. I am glad you got such a special show to end what must have been a wonderful year for you.

    Also special thanks for keeping us all up to date with continuously posting the setlists and reports from all the shows. So much would have been lost hadn't it been for you.

    Safe travels home and here is to next year's adventures!!!
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  11. John

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    Hahaha!!! David Gray Cosmos :D I would love to drink them on christmas day and new year :)
    Nice little interview on KFOG Concert for Kids 2014

  12. carmel59

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    Love that!!! here's to Joey!! And there will be merry hearts in children........thank you David Gray !
  13. Rena

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    Awww. Very nice. And here's to Joey Bear!
  14. John

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    Maybe I got David's Joey Bear in childhood - but my bear was called Joe, not Joey.. Or it's Joey's brother :D

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