Dec 6th Inec Killarney

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  1. Rena

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    All the pre and after show joy and excitement can go in here.

    So - who is going to see David in Killarney?
  2. Rena

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    Wishing everyone a wonderful time at the show tonight !

    Looking forward to the reports.
  3. wolfie

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    Set list for Killarney:


    Back in the World

    As the Crow Flies


    Last Summer


    Girl Like You

    My Oh My

    Sail Away



    Silver Lining

    Ain't No Love

    Snow in Vegas (solo)

    Shine (solo)

    Be Mine (solo)






    Babylon (solo)


    Tonight was all about the beautiful music. The venue tonight was seated and rather bland and so did not have the fun atmosphere of last night in Cork. Also a lot of people going back and forth to the bathroom and/or bar was a great distraction as they were allowed to cross right in front of the stage. However, the acoustics and set list were good and that made it a night to sit back and just listen and enjoy the music. The crowd mostly seemed to know and appreciate the new music. Having Sail Away and Fugitive really allowed John's talent to shine. Ain't No Love was gorgeous. I loved getting to hear Snow in Vegas solo on the piano again especially as David's voice is sounding so strong now. Be Mine as a solo was due to some requests David had gotten. It was a treat. I was rather disappointed that the crowd near me was so passive during Toil and then also most of Please Forgive Me despite David's request during the latter to get up and have some fun. Most did finally get to their feet and it was fun to finally feel a bit of energy from the crowd. Nice sing along at the end of Babylon and then a beautiful Nemesis. Such a contrast from Cork in so many respects and while I enjoyed Cork more I wasn't disappointed by the Killarney show as David and the band sounded great and that is what it's all about.
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  4. Rena

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    Thank you for the report Wolfie. Isn't it interesting to see how different audiences can be from venue to venue...

    I am happy you are enjoying it so much!
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