Dec 8th Royal Theatre, Castlebar

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  1. wolfie

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    So this show was announced after the others. It will be interesting to see what the venue and crowd are like.

    The chef at the restaurant where I just had an early dinner asked what brought me to Castlebar and when I told him David Gray he didn't believe me. He said he could only believe someone coming all this way in winter "if it was Elvis Presley or something." But we know better, right?!?! ;)

    Anyway, if anyone else out there is going to the show in Castlebar tonight have a great time and please report back here after. :)
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  2. Marcel

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    Did you actually tell him Elvis is dead ?
  3. wolfie

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    Oh Marcel... :rolleyes:
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    Set list for Castlebar:


    As the Crow Flies


    Last Summer


    Back in the World

    Girl Like You

    My Oh My




    Silver Lining


    Shine (solo)

    Gathering Dust (solo)

    Late Night Radio (solo)



    Sail Away



    Babylon (solo)


    Will be back tomorrow with thoughts on the show.
  5. Rena

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    Gathering Dust!!!!!!

    Lucky you! Looking forward to reading more about it all. Thank you for the setlist, Wolfie.
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  6. wolfie

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    So I was a ltitle bit nervous when this show started as the crowd was very chatty and a bit rude during David Kitt's set. However, once David and the band came on things improved greatly. Although at first it seemed the crowd wasn't overly familiar with the new material they did get to clapping during Cake and BITW and that picked up the energy a bit, Fugitive was fun and I have to say that I get such a kick out of all the laughing and smiling that goes on between Caroline, Niamh and David Kitt when they start up their dancing during this one, So comical and just adds to the fun of a great song. Flame before the solo section was beautiful.

    Gathering Dust was such a lovely treat. There is something about David singing alone and filling the room with just the power of his own voice which lifts me up and crushes me at the same time. Gorgeous. Before starting LNR David commented on messing up the words when attempting it a few days prior, He did a bit last night too but he laughed it off and continued on. It was terrific,

    Before TOIL David encouraged people to get up out of their seats and have a good time because a lively part of the show was coming up. Not many did but the crowd was very energized by the time Sail was finished. Clapping during PFM and finally most to their feet by the end of the song, During Nemesis people again started clapping and it kept getting louder and going on and on. It kind of took on a life of it's own and David didn't seem to know how to end it, Like he said once they got going they wouldn't stop. So this audience that David had to work pretty hard to get going didn't let him down in the end. It was sweet to see.
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  7. Marcel

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    Thank you Wolfie for your review, glad we still have someone on the road reporting back
    Gathering dust, wow !
    Sounds like another great night, glad you enjoyed

    Travel safe !
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  9. carmel59

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    demented lunatic???? what? "he burst into life during the more energetic explosions in his show, coming across like a game-show host come evangelical preacher come, well, demented lunatic." now those are words I've never heard describe him before. funny,............... I always liked his new antics.

    what do you think wolfie?
  10. wolfie

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    Yeah, I was going to comment on that as it does kind of stand out as far as quotes go. I think that just given the kind of reserved state of the room for much of the show that David was working so very hard to get things going and energize the crowd. Maybe it came across as a little over the top to someone not as familiar with David's ways as we are. If that makes sense. "Demented lunatic"?!? - ugh, hardly!! More like a man giving it everything he had!!
  11. carmel59

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    Kinda a negative spin there heh? I just love how he's just letting go and thoroughly enjoying his fantastic music with his fans. When I see someone dancing like that, its contagious and for sure I want to join in.
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    I must leave this harbour for the sea!!! Brill song.

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