Dec 9th Belfast Waterfront

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    All the pre and after show joy and excitement can go in here.
  2. wolfie

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    Set list for Belfast:


    Girl Like You

    As the Crow Flies


    Last Summer


    Back in the World

    My Oh My





    Shine (solo)

    Say Hello Wave Goodbye (solo)





    Babylon (solo)

    Sail Away

    I had the misfortune tonight of being seated near people intent on talking through the *entire* show and continuously getting up and down. So frustrating, Hard as I tried to tune it out I am tired and battling a cold and I was a bit undone by it all. I just wanted to enjoy a pleasant night listening to DG and the band. Others not so much but such is life. I still really enjoyed the performance, particularly Mutineers, Alibi and Say Hello. Time to say goodbye to Ireland (and UK). So lucky to have been here, especially for Cork which was tops for me this tour. A bit sad that The Light never made an appearance and also that Debauchery was nowhere to be found this year. As always the hope for whatever comes and the immense gratitude for the many blessings of the Mutineers tour.
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    Thanks for keeping us informed, Wolfie! It's always a pleasure to read your reviews! Take care & safe travels!

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  4. Rena

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    Thank you for being so reliable with posting setlists and reports from Ireland, Wolfie. Much appreciated!!!

    Sorry to hear the gig was affected by some people's rude and respectless behavior.

    Safe travels back home now and get ready for the season's festivities : )

    Rena xx
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  5. wolfie

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    Thanks, Rena and nevermind, for the kind words and thank you to you both and everyone else who posted about the earlier European and UK shows. I was a bit late catching up on all of it but I enjoyed the pictures, set lists and reports!

    What David and the band and crew have done throughout the year, night after night, has been truly something. Although maybe I did not love every venue or every crowd I did love every word and every note of every performance. I have met so many wonderful people and had so many amazing experiences this year I will never forget. To get to live your dream is the gift of a lifetime. One last hurrah in San Jose and then the holidays and then...??

    Thanks, again, to all who posted about all the shows this year. What a year it has been!

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