December 1st 2014 - Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

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    Correct, had to leave when he introduced Crow, Couldn't begin to express the wave of sadness that hit me when he mentioned getting to the older stuff later on but as I said the three songs I did hear were absolutely great!! He seemed so energised and refreshed, it was very different to the intimacy and stripped back feel the concert at Bridge Water Hall in 2012 had to offer.
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    Last night was a truly wonderful experience. And a bittersweet one because this was my last one on this tour.

    David is on the height of his musical career. So full of energy, inspiration, passion, love for what he is doing, a master of his art. I so love him, there is no one like him.

    The way he has been playing this tour is so bold, challenging the audience with not only playing the new songs first but also altering the well known ones with endings that let into a crescendo of sounds. So surprising, so excellent.

    To me this has been the best tour I have ever been to. A precious gem I will carry with me for a long time.

    I will be there should new concerts be announced anywhere this side of the Atlantic. I can't wait.

    Thank you David. Thank you to Robbie, Tim, Keith and the rest of his magnificent band.

    Last night's solo acoustics were

    - a touching version of Say Hello Wave Goodbye with a bit of Into The Mystic in the end
    - Hospital Food

    Thanks to the great people who went to the gig with us and made our visit to Liverpool such a lovely experience. Ken, Ciarán, Irena, Wendy, Margaret, and Barry. Special thanks go out to the amazing Dave E. who has outdone himself with organizing it all. Much appreciated.

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    Sorry to hear that Sam. That must have been hard. Having to walk out of a David Gray gig so early in the show, knowing that a lot of gems are about to be played. Here's to next time then! And happy belated birthday wishes.
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    What a great gig.:) David and the band were on top form(as always) and seemed to really enjoy themselves.Loved Say hello wave goodbye:)
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    Here the review by the Liverpool ECHO!

    Review: David Gray at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
    Dec 02, 2014 00:28 By Jade Wright
    Jade Wright gives her verdict

    David Gray performing on 1st December 2014 at The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
    Time was, not that long ago, you could see David Gray on Hardman Street for the price of a pint. The chart-topping singer-songwriter was often in Liverpool, busking and playing in pubs while he wrote his first album.

    As he walked on stage in his favourite venue, the newly-refurbished Philharmonic Hall, he was clearly thrilled to be back.

    The packed auditorium had already played host to Liverpool singer and songwriter John Smith, a superb performer who shares his heartfelt style with the headline act.

    The audience gave the warmest welcome to the former hometown hero, bursting into rapturous applause the minute the eight-strong band took to the stage.

    Dressed in black skinny jeans and a smart blue jacket, David sat down at the piano for the beautiful Birds, complete with ornithological sound effects that would have had Tippi Hedren running for cover.

    Many of the songs were from his tenth album, current release Mutineers, including the sublime Beautiful Agony, with its haunting cello and plastic whistling tubes that created an ethereal, other-worldly noises.

    Continuing with Mutineers, he played lead single Back into the World, another fan favourite. The crowd clapped their hands in time as the band launched into its upbeat rhythms.

    They may have got a little over-excited, as the shouts through the intro of As the Crow Flies demonstrated. Stopping and starting again, the band got back on track.

    David picked up a ukulele for Last Summer, again from Mutineers, followed by A Girl Like You, which began with a stand-up bass so powerful it shook the Phil’s seats, and worked its way to a whisper-light final

    instrumental that urged everyone to listen so carefully you could have heard a pin drop.

    Given how many tracks there had been from his new album, the audience were very patient, but they couldn’t hide their excitement at My Oh My from his chart-topping, world-beating album, White Ladder.

    It paved the way for things to come, with Sail Away, Babylon and White Ladder, with the crowd singing along with every line.

    Yes, there might have been a few too many new songs, but he was among friends and on home turf David Gray is hard to beat.
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