December 2nd 2014 - Cambridge Corn Exchange

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  1. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    All the pre and post gig anticipation and joy can go in here.

    Presale tickets will go on sale tomorrow, Sep 24 at 9 am BST on tickets.

    General sale will start on Friday.
  2. Sheiladen

    Sheiladen New Grayhead

    Is anybody going tonight?
  3. Stuart Ronayne

    Stuart Ronayne Member Grayhead

    I'll be there ...... Just getting showered and shaved ! Looking forward to it
  4. Stuart Ronayne

    Stuart Ronayne Member Grayhead

    ;)A dark Rainy Tuesday night in Cambridge with Birds without wings angrily blaring from the car stereo .......could anything else in life be finer ?
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  5. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Have a great time at the show everyone! You are in for an amazing show .

    I wish I could go and not had to fly home today. Still stranded on some airport btw. Looking forward to hearing all about it afterwards : )
  6. Stuart Ronayne

    Stuart Ronayne Member Grayhead

    WP_20141202_001.jpg :)Great seats ....
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  7. Stuart Ronayne

    Stuart Ronayne Member Grayhead

    lovely upbeat set from David Kitt with a great retake on Prince's 'When Doves cry' and a little 'Aint no sunshine ' remix to finish with ! Still think doors should be shut through the whole set as its disrespectful for people to keep getting up and down while hes playing ....and god knows its hard work on your own ! Probably a divisive viewpoint though .....
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  8. Stuart Ronayne

    Stuart Ronayne Member Grayhead

    What a fantastic show tonight ....David in a very relaxed and calm mood , far more relaxed than he was at The Roundhouse but then it was a far more respectful crowd , Barring the twenty or so people forever getting up in the middle of his songs ! After his elongated version of Nemesis , a mad rush was made for the toilets by half a dozen people prompting David to remark
    'Is this Neme-**** or does everyone have weak bladders !' in a jocular manner ...
    Attached is a set list ... We had Flame (which was excellent ) rather than Gulls and a shortage of time meant No TYL . This was made up for by a fantastic Solo on Piano of Snow in Vegas followed by an acoustic solo of Say Hello Wave Goodbye followed immediately by an Acoustic Solo of Babylon .....he had us in the palm of his hands by this point and we were so spellbound and transfixed that nobody had remembered to sing along to Babylon until a prompt of 'Impressive silence ' from David (Which was more from respect than anyone not caring ! ) and we all headed into a rousing chorus !
    A Great show in an intimate venue and great way to end the year :)
    And thanks to the Mother of the sound Engineer who allowed us to photograph her set list .... very nice fingernails ;)
    set list.jpg
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  9. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Thank you for coming back for us so quickly! This sounds like yet another wonderful performance.

    I have never understood why people would want to get up in the middle of a concert but well...
  10. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

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